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Wacky Wizards Live Event (Christmas 2021)

Wacky Wizards Live Event: As we close 2021 and are getting ready for the holidays, Wacky Wizards will be hosting a live show this Sunday, December 22, at 4 p.m. ET.

 The most popular crafting game Roblox creators have something to share with players.

 We’ll go over everything you should know about The Wacky Wizards Live’s Christmas event in 2021.

As previously mentioned, The Wacky Wizards Live Santa event for the year 2021 Christmas will take place on December 22 on December 22 at 4:00 p.m. ET. 

The event will repeat each hour so that those who couldn’t watch it live can watch it later in the daytime. 

The game will have an in-game countdown of the event to be aware of the exact time it will begin.

Wacky Wizards Live Event (Christmas 2021)

At the beginning of the Wacky Halloween Wizards Live Event. Santa Cl-Oz appears to the surface on his sleigh, accompanied by a group of reindeer. 

It turns out that Santa Cruz requires help since Glinda, along with the other witches, tries to pursue him and put an end to Christmas!

You’ll need to board the sleigh to take part in several games to prevent Glinda as well as the other witches from getting caught up. 

The whole event is broken down into mini-games which include:

  1. Presents are being tossed overboard
  2. Restoring the sleigh
  3. Beware of the attacks coming your way.
  4. Slaying the witches with cannons
  5. The delivery of Christmas presents down chimneys

The events are pretty simple. But, first, if you have to fix the sleigh, you have to get hammers to fix the sleigh and buckets to extinguish the flames.

 Other than the above, nothing else requires explanation.

Santa Cl-Oz will present you with an extra reward for completing the five tasks.

 This will take about 10 minutes.

If you’re looking to find out what the prize will be, stop here!

The prize for finishing your participation in the Wacky Wizards Santa Event is an exclusive release of Present Cauldron skin!

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