World Quest Notes for the Genshin Impact Film

World Quest Notes for the Genshin Impact Film: Various new global missions have added with the release of the Genshin Impact 2.8 update. One of the numerous missions included in the 2.8 updates, Film Notes, offers free Primogems and other priceless materials in exchange for completion.

Here is a thorough walkthrough for the Genshin Impact Film Notes global quest in case you are having trouble finishing it.

How to Completing a Film Notes Genshin Impact of World Quest

The Film Notes quest becomes available after finishing The Seventh Samurai challenge. Therefore it’s important to note before we continue with the tutorial. Furthermore, this tutorial is split into two distinct sections.

Outlander Brigade, part one of the Film Notes Quest

The initial step-by-step tutorial for the Film Notes global quest provide below:

Furuta is available at the Kamisato Estate.

Furuta, an NPC who spawns at Kamisato Estate, may be spoken to begin the Film Notes quest. Go east from Kamisato Estate Waypoint by teleporting there.

In Inazuma city, look for Xavier.

Go east after teleporting to the south waypoint of Inazuma City. Talk to Xavier to read the script and start shooting.

Pick the appropriate lines.

When reading the script, the following action is to choose the appropriate lines:

– How did this take place?

I won’t lose in this manner, however.

– Don’t doubt my perseverance

Defeat the adversaries to complete the shoot and save the two actors.

A little while later, five bandits will spawn nearby that you must battle. The actors should save by being released from their cages when they have eliminate.

In Inazuma City, visit the Uyuu Restaurant.

To reach Uyuu Restaurant, teleport back to the same waypoint. Then, after speaking with Xavier, get out of the restaurant.

The first section of the Film Notes quest, the Outlander Brigade, will then be recorded as finished, and you will get the following rewards: 30 Primogems, 200 Adventure EXP, and 20,000 Mora.

Quest for the Movies: Mushounin, part two

To finish the second stage of the Film Notes quest, follow these instructions:

1. Interact with Koharu and Sasano, the two entertainers.

Koharu and Sasano’s conversation

The Kamisato Estate is where Koharu is.

The Ritou is where Sasano locate.

2. Set the time in-game to 18:00.

The Genshin Impact timing has change.

Tap on the upper left corner of Paimon’s head in the Genshin Impact app. The time will then set to 18:00 by tapping the Time button.

3. Visit Komore Tea House.

Consult Xavier.

Talk to Xavier at the Komore Teahouse in Inazuma City.

4. When requested, choose the corresponding dialogues.

Can things calm down before getting even with someone?

Come inside if somebody is listening outside.

Your biological parents did not pass away.

arrowhead to the left

5. Once again, set the game’s time to 18:00.

In the upper left corner, tap on Paimon’s head. Set the time to 18:00 by clicking the Time button.

6. Take out the bad guys at Nazuchi Beach.

Kill the adversaries.

To the Nazuchi Beach waypoint, teleport, then go westward. A few adversaries will suddenly appear in front of you after a brief cutscene. To go on, defeat them.

7. Speak with Xavier to start the shoot and accomplish the next set of goals.

Start a movie now.

Avoid stepping beyond the Film Kamera’s recording area.

Take down the three bandits.

three times switch positions

8. Set the game’s timer to 18:00 and go to the specified spot.

Go to the place indicated.

After the shot is over, teleport to Inazuma City and go east to the specified spot.

9. Dialogue with Xavier and choose from the following options

He has left, thus

Sorry, I…

I previously made the same statement.

I adore you, Machiko.

10. Finally, talk to Xavier to finish the quest’s second phase.

The Xavier campus

Head north and utilize the electrogram to ascend after finishing the third act. Then, to complete the task, I finally spoke with Xavier.

After that, the Mushounin portion of the Film Notes quest will recognize as finished, and you will get the following rewards: 40 Primogems, 300 Adventure EXP, 300 Hero’s Wit, 20,000 Mora, and 3 Mystic Enhancement Ore.

Our walkthrough for the Genshin Impact Film Notes global quest is now complete. However, don’t forget to read some of our other Genshin Impact-related articles on News Gater, including Genshin Impact 2.8 Redeem Codes, How to Get & Use Electro Sigils, and more, before you go.