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Are you looking to ‘Write for Us, or a ‘Guest Post‘? If so, then we thank you for showing your interest in contributing to NewsGater.com. 

NewsGater accepts guest posts from casual bloggers and professional writers. Perhaps, you are interested in submitting your article to our blog and sharing valuable insights with our readers.

What is ‘Write For Us’?

Write For Us is a user-friendly feature where one can submit their own post. You can publish 100% unique guest posts absolutely free of cost.

Generally, we currently accept guest posts on most of the topics. But keep in mind that we don’t accept gambling, adult, medicine content.

However, we are getting a higher number of guest posts now, but most are being rejected. Why has your content been rejected? 

To get this answer better, you read our content guidelines carefully. If we find your content does not follow any of our guidelines, then we happily remove it.

Top 4 Reasons why content gets rejected:

  • Spin content or poorly written without any research, which doesn’t provide any value to our readers. 
  • Content with no heading, sub-heading, and long paragraph.
  • Bunch of Grammatical errors and Plagiarism content.
  • Useless content that does not cover the actual topic or the links.

However, if you are a true writer and wish to write for us, then read our content guideline below:

First, Read the Article Submission Rules:

  • Your content should be based on our categories.
  • You should write 98% Unique content.
  • Article length should not be less than 600 words.
  • No Grammatical error and Passive voice. (Check error here.)
  • Make your sentences short and easy to read. (Check it here).
  • Don’t include more than 3-4 sentences in a single paragraph.
  • Article Title should be unique and short
  • Compress the image (size 600 x 337 max) before upload.
  • You should provide at least one image in JPEG format only. We won’t accept any other format.
  • You can place 2 links back to your website/blog. However, the link you will get is Do-Follow and permanent.

**Note: If you do not follow our above-mentioned rules, we will instantly remove your article from our site. However, we can give you the last chance before being permanently banned. (It depends on your mistakes)

Benefits of writing for us:

write for us

Our website is a high authority site DA: 60, UR: 81, DR: 30, and we receive more than 862k traffic per month. So, you can expect that your posts will be in front of thousands of users.

Additionally, NewsGater is a ‘Google News‘ approved website. As a result, articles get indexed within minutes.

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