Harvest Melons in Stardew Valley

Harvest Melons in Stardew Valley: The landscape and mechanics of Stardew Valley make it one of the greatest life simulation games in recent years. However, while the game is enjoyable, the genuine excitement comes from seeing your meticulously tended farm expand and produce.

 The modest melon is one of these beautiful crops that may farm. But, more importantly, how do you harvest melons?

How to Harvest Melons in Stardew Valley

To harvest melons, walk over them like any other crop. They’ll be ready for sale as soon as you pick them up! If you fertilize your melons, they will grow quicker. Here’s how quickly they grow in response to fertilizer:

  • Speed-Grow — grows 10% faster and takes ten days to harvest.
  • Deluxe Speed-Gro is 25% quicker than regular Speed-Gro and takes nine days to harvest.
  • Hyper Speed-Gro – 8 Days to Harvest in 33% Less Time.

Melons are seasonal fruit that can only harvest during the summer months. A single melon will take 12 days to harvest without fertilizer. You can grow them even quicker if you have the Agriculturist profession, up to a 6-day harvest without fertilizer if you have it.

If you’re a clever shopper, you may want to go for the Giant Melon. Place a single melon seed on a 33 square on your farm if you’re trying to grow a giant melon.

 Second, you should water it every day until it reaches maturity. Third, you’ll continue to water rather than harvest. 

Sprinklers are a fantastic way to try this! If you repeat this method, there’s a 1% chance you’ll wake up with a vast melon the following morning.

To harvest a Giant Melon, use an ax on it to produce twice as many melons as you put in. Melons are the summer’s most popular fruit, and you may earn a lot of money picking them.

 They’ll also show up on the Help Wanted Board from time to time!