Make TNT in Minecraft

Make TNT in Minecraft: In Minecraft, there are almost infinite resources available for construction. The number of items you can employ to make anything keeps growing as new material is constantly introduced to the game.

However, one thing has always been utilized to cause damage. So, here is a guide on how to produce TNT in Minecraft.

Creating TNT in Minecraft

You’ll need four of either ordinary Sand or red sand blocks and five gunpowder to manufacture TNT. Killing Creepers before they go off in an explosion will provide gunpowder.

With the Looting enchantment on the item that deals the fatal blow to them, you may kill them to get more. Sand is abundant in the Beach and Desert biomes, whereas Mesa biomes are home to the Red Sand kind.

After obtaining your materials, you may create TNT by inserting Sand into the top middle, left middle, right middle, and bottom middle slots.

Every other vacant space is open for the placement of gunpowder. To finish, transfer the TNT to your inventory.

How to set TNT on fire in Minecraft

It would help if you had a mechanism for TNT to trigger and detonate when you set it. For example, TNT may set off by setting it ablaze using a flame arrow, fire charge, lava, or flint and steel.

Additionally, a Redstone charge may use to trigger it. Please ensure you are near enough to the TNT so that the activation caused by connecting it to a lever, pressure plate, or button reaches it.

TNT will also cause a chain reaction explosion if it is present near enough to other TNT that is exploding.

In the vicinity of an exploding TNT, players and mobs in the water won’t affect by the explosion. However, be cautious while putting your TNT since damaged items might destroy if they are near the explosion’s focal point.