Amber Heard has alleged that a jury in the Johnny Depp case was never summoned to be on the jury

Amber Heard has alleged that a jury in the Johnny Depp case was never summoned to be on the jury.

Amber Heard has claimed that one of the jurors was not the person who was called to be on the panel, weeks after she was held responsible for defaming Johnny Depp and sentenced to pay the actor millions of dollars.

Heard’s legal team argued that the jury’s participation infringed on her right to due process and requested that the court declare a mistrial.

The Friday petition adds further details to an allegation made by Heard’s attorneys last week when they asked the court to overturn the decision.

The Associated Press noted that although the person’s birth year was listed as 1945 in documents provided to attorneys before jury selection, public records revealed that the juror who attended the trial was born in 1970.

Her team then asked the judge to look into “potential improper juror service,” according to the report.

The new document, submitted by Heard’s legal counsel on Friday, provided fresh information on the alleged encounter. According to the document, a 77-year-old was chosen randomly for jury duty, but a 52-year-old with the same last name who reportedly lives at the same location showed up in court and sat as a juror throughout the trial. The document has their identities redacted.

The paper didn’t explain why this purportedly happened or how the problem was discovered.

The attorneys said Fairfax County has many safeguards to ensure the individual called for jury service shows up, including asking jurors to enter their zip code and birth date.

However, the paper claims these techniques failed to identify the incorrect person’s presence at the trial.

To provide due process and a fair trial for all plaintiffs, the document said that “such protections are in place and relied upon by the parties to authenticate the identification of the proper juror.”

“The right to a jury trial and due process is weakened and compromised when these protections are evaded or not followed, as seems to be the case here.”

Judge Penney Azcarate, who presided over the trial, is not willing to comment on the accusation, according to a Fairfax County Department of Public Affairs representative.