Lionel Messi signs PSG

Lionel Messi signs PSG for the upcoming 2 years.

According to international media, Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has finalized his two-year contract with PSG. Messi will receive a salary of 35 million euros a year at the new club. However, PSG may officially announce the signing of Messi at the Eiffel Tower tonight.

In the meantime, PSG officials have been watching Messi since last season. The football community thinks that Messi signed for PSG for three reasons.

The first reason is Neymar. The Brazilian star is making one request to his former teammate for Messi to sign for PSG. Neymar is talking to Messi almost every day.

On the other hand, Angel D’Maria is the second reason. Messi and Di Maria won the Copa America together for Argentina a few days ago. Like PSG star winger D’Maria, Neymar has regular contact with Messi. Three, winning the Champions League.

Besides, Messi thinks that going to PSG will increase the chances of winning the Champions League (UCL). With all these factors in mind, Leo has signed for the club in Paris.

According to sources, Messi is currently flying to Paris. PSG doctors will take his medical test there. Therefore, PSG will officially announce the contract with him.

The activities of Barcelona have confirmed the fact that Messi is signing for PSG. They have removed Leo’s posters and banners from Barca’s home stadium, New Camp.

However, one of the sources claims that the club tried to stop Messi at the last minute. Also, they offered a new contract for Messi. But it did not work at all.

In short, one of the best footballers of all time signed for PSG. As a result, PSG fans are already excited to see Messi and Neymar together in their club.


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