10 months after dropping iPhone in river he discovers it operating

10 months after dropping iPhone in river he discovers it operating: Imagine discovering a phone you lost ten months ago in a river. Really? It’s not a dream; it happened. A Briton lost his iPhone in a river eleven months ago. He gave up hope of locating it but was later told it had been found.

According to the BBC, Owain Davies lost his iPhone in the River Wye at Cinderford, Gloucestershire, in August 2021. He presumably believed he’d never locate the phone.

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Ten months later, Miguel Pacheco, who canoed on the same river, contacted him. He found Davies’ iPhone in the river while kayaking.

He posted on Facebook after drying the phone to discover its owner. “It sucked. He told the BBC it was flooded.

Despite knowing the phone wouldn’t restart, he tried to dry it since he felt it had “sentimental” elements. “If I lost my phone, I’d want my kids’ images back,” he remarked.

When he turned on the gadget, he couldn’t believe it. When he turned on the phone, he saw a screensaver of a man and lady with the date 13 August, the day it fell into the river.

Pacheco’s Facebook post about the misplaced iPhone was shared 4,000 times, but Davies isn’t on Facebook. However, friends recognized the phone and helped Davies contact Pacheco.

“We fell out of a two-person boat when my companion stood up.

As soon as the phone hit the water, Davies realized it was gone. He was amazed by Pacheco’s phone attempts.

Recent iPhones are IP68 certified, which indicates they can withstand 1.5 meters of fresh water for 30 minutes, although this is rare.