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10 Popular Friday Night Funkin’ Mods

10 Popular Friday Night Funkin’ Mods: The Friday Night Funkin’, often abbreviated by FNF, is an entirely free electronic rhythm that’s captured the attention of gamers.

 It’s an open-source game with a small development team. However, they have announced that their Kickstarter campaign just recently raised two million dollars, so gamers can anticipate new game content to appear in the game. 

Additionally, the game features several mods that increase the fun. Today, we’ll review the ten most loved Friday Night Funkin’ mods. 

Make use of the following FNF mods to spice up the gaming experience.

Friday Night Funkin’: 10 Popular FNF Mods (2022)

  • FNF vs. Mokey the Mouse Mod

This cult Friday Night Funkin’ mod is a battle between the Boyfriend and Mokey the mouse and his friends.

 Make a statement with this parody of the most well-known mouse in Disney and take just one more step towards impressing the GF’s family. 

There’s a darker version of this mod that is available as S *****e Mouse, which has a darker tone in comparison to this. 

The players also meet the Mokey gang, including Grooby and Dilan. They are parodies of Disney characters, too. Grooby is a witty version of Goofy and Dilan represents Donald Duck’s parodied version.

Ah Hyuck
Yekom (freeplay)
Christmas Hope (Freeplay)
Dilan Noises
Waa Hoo (Freeplay)
  • FNF: Pibby Corrupted Mod

A blip that resembles corruption is set to take over the Friday Night Funkin’ world. 

But the characters we have chosen to represent will not be able to escape easily. 

The Girlfriend is using her power to create an arm over the Boyfriend, but everything depends upon that BF winning the battle of rap and securing the day. 

The glitch affected many classic cartoons, which turned them into themselves zombies.

 As Pibby and Boyfriend do their best to stop the corruption from happening, it’s not going to be an easy job when you consider the cartoon zombies trying to stop the zombies.

Save the Day
My Friends
The Change
Glitched Gem
Last Spooktober
Blue Balled
Corrupted Hero
NO HERO Remastered
Lost Legend
Elastic destruction
Bortherly Bond
Gummy Substance
Together Forever
No hero
You Can’t Save Them
Glitched Duo
  • FNF vs. CJ & Ruby/ Starlight Mayhem Rebooted Mod

The Girlfriend and Boyfriend attend the Mayhem concert, where the band’s member CJ acknowledges the BF. 

The two of them engage in an amicable fight two. But then, CJ’s friend and group member Ruby also battle the Boyfriend. 

And even the Girlfriend joins the fight to level the odds! It’s an entertaining mod that introduces two brand new adversaries in CJ and Ruby. 

The bonus week doesn’t include an underlying story.

Inverted Ascension
Its Complicated
Artificial Lust
  • FNF vs. Sonic.Exe 2.0 Mod

This mod is different from others Friday Night Funkin’ mods. This creepy-pasta Sonic the Hedgehog adds a touch of fright to the game. 

It’s a very similar mod to Sonic.exe but with added horror elements. With this modification, you will see various Creepypasta Sonic Hedgehog versions.

10 Popular Friday Night Funkin’ Mods

  • FNF: Huggy Playtime Mod

This is a cute mod that lets everyone take turns to sing along to the tune of Playtime. 

It’s not an exciting story to tell here. It’s simply a fun method to relax and break from the mode of play in the game.

  • FNF vs. Super Funky Idol Mod

This mod puts the Boyfriend up against a highly funky idol from TikTok. 

It’s among numerous parody modes found in Friday Night Funkin’. It pokes fun at TikTok stars and their adoration from viewers.

Super BF Idol
Super Funky Idol (the real deal)
True Idol
  • FNF vs. Impostor Among Us V3 Mod

This mod adds four weeks during which Boyfriend fights an imposter in Among Us. 

They are villains of the game of a lifetime Among Us. They are responsible for taking down the crew and delaying tasks.

 It’s an exciting moment to watch astronauts engage in a rap battle using this model.

Week 1 Songs
Sussus Moogus
Week 2 Songs
Sussus Toogus
Lights Down
Week 3 Songs
Sussy Bussy


10 Popular Friday Night Funkin’ Mods

  • FNF Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses Mod

Sarvente’s Mid-Fight Masses is a Friday Night Funkin’ mod that adds two weeks to the game. 

The Girlfriend and Boyfriend discover them in the church while looking for restrooms. But, they are fighting a rap battle with Sarvente, the nun. 

This mod includes five tracks in all. People who are only beginning to learn about the game could have difficulties with the two last tracks of this mod.

  • FNF: Indie Cross vs. Cuphead, Sans & Bendy Mod

This mod puts the Boyfriend up against the classic Indie characters. Although the game features an FNF mod, the BF combats with famous characters such as Cuphead.

 Cuphead is an animated player character Cuphead released in the year 2017. 

Additionally, players can play against Sans from the game Undertale. This mod also has Ink Demon. It is part of The Bendy Franchise.

The Last Reel
Snake Eyes
  • FNF vs Speedrunner Mario Mod

Here Boyfriend and Girlfriend plan to travel to the video game world for a holiday. But, they discover that things aren’t as they appear within the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario and Boyfriend Mario and Boyfriend rappers battle in this 2-week addition modification.

 Speedrunner Mario is a character from the Something About Series, where he begins as the main character and then slowly becomes the main antagonist as time goes on.

Personal Best
Qpu Alignment
Speed Demon
Personal Best Parallel
Qpu Alignment Parallel
Speed Demon Parallel


These are the ten most well-known mods from Friday Night Funkin’. However, they’re not the only mods popular on the market.

 So keep an eye out for this because we’ll be updating it regularly to bring you newly enjoyable and popular FNF mods.

The Friday night Funkin’ is more fun when you’re with your friends. Find out all you need to know about FNF Multiplayer in our Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) Multiplayer guide. For more gaming content, visit our Gaming Section.


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