19 Chinese Fighter Planes Enter Taiwans airspace

19 Chinese Fighter Planes Enter Taiwan’s airspace Yesterday: Indicating war against Taiwan soon!

At least 19 Chinese fighter jets have landed in Taiwanese airspace.

According to the Taiwan Defense Ministry, 19 Chinese fighter jets entered Taiwan’s defense zone on Sunday.

As soon as the planes are caught on radar, the intruding planes are warned to avoid an attack or a collision.

In addition, missile defense systems are deployed. Chinese fighter jets included four H-6 bombers, ten J-16 fighter jets, four SU-30 fighter jets, a tanker, and a surveillance plane.

Although Taiwan protested, China did not open its mouth. Read More: Mysterious Warplanes are helping Northern Alliance by attacking Taliban in Panjshir.

In early May, two Chinese fighter jets entered the Taiwan Air Defense Identification Zone. One of them was the submarine hunter ‘Shanshi Y-7’.

These aircraft have state-of-the-art sonar and radar that allow them to easily locate enemy submarines.

In addition, another fighter jet from the People’s Liberation Army Air Force, or the Chinese Air Force, entered Taiwan’s airspace.

Called the “Shanxi Y-8”, the aircraft can “electronic warfare” or disable enemy radars and equipment.

In addition, the planes could destroy submarines with multiple missiles and bombs, leaving the opposition navy in disarray.

As a result, defense analysts believe that Taiwan’s military bases and equipment were China’s target.

Some experts think the United States is concerned about Afghanistan. India, Russia, and the West are currently busy with the activities of the Taliban.

In the meantime, China thinks this is a great opportunity to put pressure on Taiwan.

Because without the support of the United States, Taiwan will not be able to stand up to the Red Army.

However, Taiwan and others countries don’t have any more faith in the USA. They think the USA ruined Afghanistan by its hand.

Also, they failed to form a strong military lineup in Afghanistan for 20 years.

But Washington does not want to end its 20-year war in Afghanistan with power like China.

So Beijing could seize this opportunity to try to occupy Taiwan.


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