2 Colombian journalists killed investigation underway

2 Colombian journalists killed, investigation underway: Police said on Sunday that two journalists killed by unidentified motorcycle riders. The motorcycle riders ambushed them while they were in a vehicle on a highway in northern Colombia.

While returning from celebrations of a local village’s patron saint, Leiner Montero, the director of an internet radio station. And Dilia Contreras, the head of an online news website, assassinated close to the town of Fundacion in the department of Magdalena.

According to early investigations, a struggle involving Montero and many other people took place, Magdalena police chief Andres Serna said.

According to the officer, “after this act of intolerance, the journalist chose to depart in his vehicle with Dilia and another guy, and on the way they slain.”

He said, “We dedicated to the inhabitants of Magdalena to conclude this terrible matter involving two journalists who were well respected by their union, family, and friends in the shortest amount of time.

The Foundation for Press Freedom demanded that the case examined immediately. Instead, their work considered throughout the inquiry. Even though investigators said it is still unclear whether the killings connected to the journalists’ line of work.