22-year-old shooter killed 3 people in Copenhagen shopping mall

22-year-old shooter killed 3 people in Copenhagen shopping mall

Danish police said a shooting late on Sunday in a Copenhagen shopping center-left at least three people dead and numerous more injured. 

They also said they had detained and accused a 22-year-old Danish man of manslaughter. 

Following hosting the first three stages of the Tour de France bike race, the attack shook Denmark after an otherwise happy week. 

Thousands of thousands of celebrating Danes had flooded the country’s streets as a result of the incident.

“On Sunday evening, a brutal assault was made on Denmark. Many people died. More hurt than before. Innocent family dining out or shopping. Teenagers, adults, and children, “In a statement late on Sunday, the prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, stated.

She remarked, “Our lovely and typically so safe capital was altered in a split second.” “In this trying moment, I want to urge the Danes to unite and support one another.”

Armed cops were sent to the capital’s Field’s mall late on Sunday after hearing allegations of a gunshot, according to Copenhagen police, who advised everyone inside to remain put and wait for help. Groups of panicked customers were seen escaping from the mall on local TV videos.

At 5:48 PM local time (15:48 GMT), the suspect was captured with a firearm and ammo. Early Sunday evening, police conducted a thorough search of the nearby Zealand area to find any collaborators.

Till we are positive that he was alone, Thomassen added, “We are going to have a big inquiry and a big operational presence in Copenhagen.” According to Thomassen, the gunman also murdered two “young persons,” a guy and a woman, and a man in his forties. There were many additional injuries, three of which were serious.

He noted that although the probe had not yet shown any evidence of a racial or ulterior purpose, this may change. A news conference by the Copenhagen police will start on Monday at 8:00 a.m. local time.

A representative for the city’s main hospital, Rigshospitalet, said early Sunday evening that it had brought in more medical personnel to handle a “small number of patients.”

Unverified video footage, which the Danish newspaper BT said was recorded by Mahdi Al-wazni, a witness to the incident, was uploaded online and showed a guy striding through the mall while carrying a big gun across his shoulders.

Al-was told BT that the man “seemed hostile and said various things.” Video obtained by newspaper Ekstra Bladet shows a single individual being escorted onto a stretcher by emergency personnel and taken to an ambulance.

“At first, everyone assumed it was a robber… I quickly threw myself behind the store’s counter after hearing bullets, “Rikke Levandowski, an eyewitness, told TV2 about the incident.

She said, “He is not firing into the floor or the ceiling; he is simply shooting into the crowd. The multi-story retail center is about 5 kilometers (3 miles) south of Copenhagen’s central business district.

“Suddenly, my companion and I hear gunshots. I hear approximately 10 shots, and we quickly enter a bathroom. We cram into this little bathroom. There are maybe 11 of us.” Another witness identified herself as Isabella and spoke to the public radio station DR.

The incident comes after a horrific shooting in neighboring Norway last week, in which a lone gunman in Oslo murdered two people.