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3 people are missing after the Colorado wildfires

3 people are missing after the Colorado wildfires. 

DENVER – Three people have been reported missing after a wildfire erupted in Boulder County, Colorado. It caused thousands of evacuations and destroyed nearly 1,000 homes.

Initial reports indicated no reported deaths or missing persons following Thursday’s rare urban wildfire. It erupted on the northern outskirts of the Denver metropolitan area.

Wind gusts exceeding 100 miles an hour (160 km/h) drove flames eastwards into the town’s Superior and Louisville, causing the evacuation of both.

Officials said that the fire had burned 6,000 acres in just two hours.

Joe Pelle, Boulder County Sheriff, said that the three missing people, whom he declined the right to identify, lived in homes that the fire had destroyed.

Pelle stated that these people’s structures were destroyed and covered in snow. He also said that cadaver dogs would soon be sent to inspect the homes.

Pelle stated that 991 homes were destroyed in Superior, Louisville, and other unincorporated areas of the county, making it the most destructive wildfire ever recorded in state history.

Officials initially believed that sparks from downed powerlines caused by gale-force winds might have sparked this fire. However, Xcel Energy’s inspection found no downed or damaged lines near the fire’s suspected origin.

Pelle stated that detectives are looking into all possible avenues to determine what caused the conflagration. The sheriff responded to a tip and said that a search warrant had been issued for the probe. However, he declined to provide any further details.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency stated that Joe Biden, the President of the United States, has declared the area a national emergency, allowing federal funds to help affected individuals and businesses.



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