32 People were injured due to an earthquake in Afghanistan

32 People were injured due to an earthquake in Afghanistan.

According to a Taliban spokesman, an earthquake struck a remote part of eastern Afghanistan on Tuesday, causing at least 31 injuries.

The same area had an earthquake last month that killed hundreds of people and left massive destruction in its wake.

Ten persons, according to earlier accounts, were hurt. The US Geological Survey reported the 5.1 magnitude earthquake on Monday.

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The earthquake hit two areas in the eastern Paktika province, according to Abdul Wahid Rayan, head of the Taliban news outlet Bakhtar.

Rayan added, “There are women and children among those affected in the quake. There were 18 injured in Gayan and 13 wounded in the Ziruk area.

Since Monday evening, multiple earthquakes and dozens of residential homes have been demolished.

The stronger earthquake that struck the nation last month sparked a new crisis, highlighting the Taliban’s ineffectiveness and exclusion.

The Taliban reported 1,150 fatalities at the time when 770 civilians had died. Millions of Afghans were being kept alive by overburdened relief organizations after the June earthquake.

Still, most nations gave lukewarm responses to Taliban appeals for foreign assistance.