41 Omicron Cases Reported In India So Far

41 Omicron Cases Reported In India So Far. 

Maharashtra has reported two more completely vaccinated individuals affected by the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Both have a Dubai travel history, bringing Maharashtra’s total to 40 on Monday.

A day after Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Chandigarh announced their first Omicron incident.

This means that Omicron has been found within Maharashtra (20), Rajasthan (9), Karnataka (3), Gujarat (3), Kerala (1), and Andhra Pradesh (1), and Union Territories of Delhi (2) and Chandigarh (1).

According to the health department, both patients, including one woman found in Maharashtra, are unaffected and completely vaccinated.

“Two newly diagnosed cases were identified to be infected by Omicron according to the report published on the day of the release from the National Institute of Virology – one from Latur and the other in Pune,” the state health department reported.

Additionally, Britain on Monday confirmed what was believed to be the first death confirmed due to contracting Omicron. 

The Omicron variant in the same day that the country began an ambitious Covid booster shot program to prevent the virus from spiraling out of control.

The coronavirus count in India climbed to 3,46,978,860, with 7,350 who tested positive for the virus in just one day. Still, the number of active cases fell to 91,456, the lowest in 561 days, Union Health Ministry data showed on Monday.

The number of deaths due to the pandemic has increased to 4,756,636 and 202 more deaths.



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