53 migrants die in a truck accident in Mexico

53 migrants die in a truck accident in Mexico.  

Mexico – Around 53 mostly Central American migrants died when the truck transporting them flipped over in the southern part of Mexico on Thursday. It was one of the worst incidents to strike people at risk to cross their destination at the United States border.

The accident happened after a sharp curve struck the truck in Tuxtla Gutierrez in the state of Chiapas, According to Luis Manuel Garcia, head of Chiapas civil protection agency. 

According to the Mexican Office of the Attorney General estimated on the list 53 deaths.

The witness heard the desperate crying and sobs of the people who survived as Mexican officials made their way to the scene.

Reuters photos show an image of a truck flipped over along a highway, with some people sprawled on tarps laid on the ground to receive medical treatment. 

Photos also display rows of the bodies of accident victims, wrapped in white linens.

A video from the aftermath shared via the internet showed a mother holding the child on her lap. Both were covered in blood. 

A second video shows a man lying on his back in pain in the destroyed trailer, still unable to move as helpers dragged bodies out.

The victims included women, children, and men, Chiapas civil protection said.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Twitter expressed his sadness over this “harrowing” incident.

The authorities stated that the crash also injured a dozen people treated in hospitals in the region.

People fleeing violence and poverty from Central America typically trek through Mexico to get to their destination at the U.S. border. 

Sometimes, they are crammed into massive trucks arranged by smugglers in highly hazardous conditions.

“This shows us that irregular migration is not the best way,” Kevin Lopez, the Guatemalan spokesman president, spoke to Milenio television.

He was unaware of the number of Guatemalan victims were there.

The foreign minister from El Salvador, Alexandra Hill, said her government was looking to determine if Salvadorans had passed away.

Mexico’s national immigration institute announced it would provide lodging and humanitarian visas for survivors. Chiapas governor Rutilio Escandon said those responsible for the incident would be held accountable.

Officials in Mexico frequently encounter migrants crammed in trailers, for example. The 600 were found inside two vehicles in the eastern part of Mexico this month.

Mexican officials in Chiapas have tried to convince the migrants not to form caravans that would walk thousands of miles across border crossings with the U.S. border. 

They have started transporting people from Tapachula to other areas in the country.

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration has also encouraged immigrants not to quit their countries in the United States.

Critics have claimed that more stringent policies can encourage migrants to look for human smugglers, putting their lives in danger.