Kabul Bomb Blast killed 8 people and several injured

550 People Died Due to Deadly Flood in Balochistan, Pakistan.

At least 549 people have died in Pakistan due to flash floods. According to a government agency, Balochistan, a poor region in the country’s southwest, is among the worst affected. 

In flood-affected areas, the army and government organizations have established assistance and relief camps and are trying to help rehouse people and give food and medication.

In addition to the deaths, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) said on Friday that more than 46,200 homes had suffered damage from the floods.

MORE: Kabul Bomb Blast killed 8 people and several injured.

During a visit to the affected districts, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said, “We’re trying our utmost to offer for comprehensive assistance and rehabilitation of flood victims.”

However, the provincial administration of Balochistan declared a need for more funding and requested help from foreign organizations. Abdul Qudoos Bezenjo, the province’s chief minister, remarked, “Our losses are enormous.”

Every region affected by the floods had a food scarcity, and some of them were cut off from the rest of the province since more than 700 km of highways were destroyed. 

Bezenjo said that the federal government and foreign relief organizations needed to provide “great support” to his region.

According to the NDMA, the most recent month saw 133% more rain than the 30-year normal, making it the wettest in three decades. 

The disaster service said Balochistan, which borders Iran and Afghanistan, got 305% more rain than usual.