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6.0 Magnitude earthquake occurs near Melbourne

6.0 Magnitude earthquake occurs near Melbourne. 

MELBOURNE: On Wednesday, Sep 22, a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Melbourne. Geoscience Australia reported that it was one of the most powerful earthquakes in Australia. 

It caused damage to buildings in the country’s second-largest metropolitan area and sent tremors across the rest of Australia.

The earthquake’s epicenter was near Mansfield. It is a rural community in Victoria, approximately 200km north of Melbourne. It was 10km deep. 

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Social media images and videos showed rubble blocking one of Melbourne’s main streets. 

Meanwhile, people in the northern part of the city claimed they lost their power supply. 

Zume Phim (33), the owner of Melbourne’s Oppen café, stated that he ran onto the street after the earthquake struck.

He told AFP that, “The entire building was shaking. All the windows and glass were shaking – it was like a wave.”

“It was something I have never seen before.” It was scary.

In the meantime, many people claim they felt the quake from far away. They thought it was in Adelaide, 800km west in South Australia. 

People from Sydney also felt it, although no damage or injuries reported yet.

However, the southeast region of Australia is home to more than half the nation’s 25million inhabitants, from Adelaide to Melbourne and Sydney.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that there have been no reports of serious injuries or worsening.

“It can be very distressing, an earthquake of that nature. These are rare events in Australia, so I’m sure people would have been very distressed and disturbed.


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