7.0-magnitude Deadly Earthquake killed 5 people in Philippines

 7.0-magnitude Deadly Earthquake killed 5 people in the Philippines.

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake killed at least five people on Wednesday in the northern Philippines. It also caused buildings to fall and high-rise structures more than 300 kilometers distant in the capital Manila to tremble. 

A deadly earthquake rocked the hilly and sparsely inhabited province of Abra on the main island of Luzon.

Shallow earthquakes often do more damage than deeper ones. In the mountainous area, this one caused more than a hundred injuries, hundreds of landslides, destroyed structures, and outages of electricity.

“We experienced quite severe shaking. University student Mira Zapata in the San Juan town of Abra, which felt the full impact of the earthquake, stated, “We began yelling and fled outdoors.” Our home is OK, but the homes down the hill were hurt.

People fled outdoors as walls and buildings in the municipality of Dolores trembled, according to Police Major Edwin Sergio, who spoke to AFP. Sergio said the earthquake was “extremely violent” and mentioned that the local market’s windows were damaged.

According to authorities, a 23-year-old lady was murdered in Bangued, the provincial capital of Abra, when a wall collapsed on her. In the province, injuries totaled at least 78. In Bangued, fissures were visible in the asphalt road and ground in a video shared on Facebook and confirmed by AFP.

According to Major Nazareno Emia, the police commander, “several of the structures here reveal fissures.” As a result, both the power and the internet were turned off.

According to authorities, two construction workers perished in separate events in the adjacent landlocked province of Benguet. In Kalinga province, authorities said that another individual was killed when boulders crashed onto the construction site where he was working. There were six more wounded employees.

Police said that an old lady strolling when a landslide buried her in Suyo municipality, Ilocos Sur province, received fatal injuries.

Police said that centuries-old buildings constructed during the Spanish colonial era were destroyed at Vigan City, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Ilocos Sur.