9 People injured in an explosion in Pakistan's Karachi

9 People injured in an explosion in Pakistan’s Karachi. 

A sewage pipe flowing under a restaurant burst in Karachi’s Korangi district on Friday, injuring at least nine people, including three children, police said. 

On Thursday, people enjoyed tea on charpoys and chairs at the hotel when the explosion happened due to an “accumulation of gases” in the sewage line.

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The two proprietors of the hotel, which was built illegally on the wastewater line, have been detained.

“The explosion wounded nine persons. Three of them were children. The structure was constructed illegally on the sewage line, “According to a police officer.

A similar occurrence occurred on December 18, 2021, in Karachi, when a sewer drain on which a private bank branch was built detonated, killing 17 people.