A civic group in Nepal asked the government to return Chinese-occupied land

A civic group in Nepal asked the government to return Chinese-occupied land.

A civic organization in Nepal has sent a message to Shashi Shrestha, the Minister of land management, cooperatives, and poverty alleviation, asking him to recognize the area now held by China.

Tuesday in Kathmandu, a team from the Rashtriya Ekata Abhiyan, headed by its president Binay Yadav, delivered the document to the Minister.

The civic group also called the Minister’s attention to China’s most recent intrusion, in which Beijing unilaterally built a barrier at the Ruila border of Chumanubri Rural Municipality-1 in Gorkha.

President Yadav said in the memorandum that the encroachment in many places of the Nepal-China border, notably Ruila, in violation of international law and principles, is not only an insult to the relationship between the two nations but also a clear threat to Nepal’s sovereignty.

In a similar vein, President Yadav said that despite Nepal’s criticism, China has continued to assault Nepal’s territorial integrity despite previous attacks.

He also praised the actions done as soon as the present administration took office to stop encroachments on the Nepal-China border. “However, border encroachment persists despite the diplomatic efforts undertaken by the administration,” he said.

The message read: “The Ekata Abhiyan continues to completely support and collaborate with the government in its every move. We anticipate decisive and rigorous action by this administration against boundary encroachment.”

A local Nepali media outlet had reported on China’s invasion into Nepali territory earlier in June by erecting a fence near the no-land man’s in Northern Gorkha.

According to the locals, none of the standards that should have been followed while building the border structure were followed in constructing the barrier.

The unlawful occupation by the Chinese side at the Ruila border is unknown to either Gorkha’s District Administration Office or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Shankar Hari Acharya, the chief district officer for Gorkha, said he was unaware of the border fence.

International regulations prohibit the construction of any buildings or barriers inside no-land. Man’s Such a decision has to be mutually agreed upon.

However, locals assert that China did not adhere to international regulations while erecting the barrier at the Ruila border in the no-land man’s region.