A gunman opened fire and killed 6 people in Highland Park, Illinois

A gunman opened fire and killed 6 people in Highland Park, Illinois.

Six people were killed, and about 20 others were injured when a shooter opened fire during a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, according to police. 

According to Highland Park Fire Chief Joe Schrage, several victims, including at least one kid, were in severe condition as they were removed from the site.

Nearly nine hours after the shooting, Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, noted as a person of interest was detained in connection with the shooting at 6:30 p.m. local time. 

According to officials, his car was seen, and after a brief pursuit, he was apprehended. As the investigation continues, he is being transported to the Highland Park Police Department.

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According to Chris Covelli, spokesman for the Lake County Major Crime Task Force, “this person is thought to have been accountable for what occurred.”

Earlier in the day, police and witnesses reported that it appeared the shooter was firing at the crowd from the roof of a building close to the parade route.

A firearm, according to the investigators, was found at the scene. Covelli described the weapon as “a high-powered rifle.”

According to CBS Chicago, heavily armed law enforcement officers were seen at what is considered Crimo’s family home in Highwood, a neighborhood north of Highland Park, hours after the shooting. 

According to neighbors who spoke to CBS Chicago, the person of interest lives at the house with his father and uncle.

Throughout the evening, FBI agents entered and exited the home repeatedly.

Five adults died at the scene, Lake County Coroner Jennifer Banek told the media. Banek stated that the sixth victim passed away at a hospital but that she was unable to provide any additional information.

The medical center received 26 patients in total, 25 of whom had been shot, according to Dr. Brigham Temple, medical director of emergency preparedness at Highland Park Hospital. 

In addition, numerous patients were sent to hospitals outside the Northshore University Medical System network, including six brought to Evanston Hospital, four taken to Glenbrook Hospital, and several more.

Two patients who had been transported to Highland Park Hospital originally were sent to Evanston Hospital, one for further neurosurgery treatment and the other for pediatric care. 

Following emergency surgery, a third kid was taken to Skokie Hospital. At the same time, a fourth patient was sent to Homer Children’s Hospital.

Only two people remained in Highland Park Hospital on Monday night, and both were in stable condition. As of that time, 19 patients had received treatment at Highland Park Hospital and been released, according to Temple.