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A Pokemon fan creates working Crystal and Green cartridges.

A Pokemon fan creates working Crystal and Green cartridges: Nintendo released Pokemon Green in 1996. Pokemon Crystal came out in 2000. One fan decided to create working N64 cartridges for both. 

The Pokémonfan pays excellent attention to details and brings the original look of the games to the custom N64 cartridge and the box art for the ported Game Boy Color titles.

Below Average Gaming, a YouTube content creator, recently posted a video showing off two classic Game Boy Color Pokemon games that work on N64. 

In addition, below Average Gaming demonstrated the N64 cartridge shells used to store the working copies of the two games and how to make them.

 YouTube users also created matching box art to house N64 games, including Pokemon Crystal with an Entei on its spine.

Below Average Gaming claimed that the Japanese Pokemon Green cartridge was purchased from eBay.

A Pokemon fan creates working Crystal and Green cartridges

 He had to create a label to reconstruct the Western Pokemon LeafGreen release. 

Below Average Gaming requested his audience to add the sparkle effect to the Pokémon Crystal blue shell.

 Below Average Gaming applied a gloss coat to the inside of the cartridge. Before adding silver glitter to it and securing it using Mod Podge.

The YouTube content maker says that the glitter does not accurately replicate the Pokemon Crystal games. However, it looks like the Game Boy Color cartridge is in the proper lighting.

 Although Pokemon Green was initially release in Japan, Below Average Gaming’s N64 port focuses on the colorful Pokemon LeafGreen release. However, the older game’s data is still used.

Below Average Gaming’s recent video confirmed that he used the Retro Blaster Programmer and N64 Blaster for Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Green porting to the N64. 

He also used his games and an INL Retro program dumper. Some fans hoped for an N64 copy of Pokemon Green. 

However, Below Average Gaming said the game was unplayable due to an earlier encounter. 

Pokemon fan also said that although the internal clock for Pokemon Crystal is fast enough to transition from day to evening, it can jump around for a few hours to days.

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