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According to WHO, a spiral of Omicron cases could result in more hazardous variants

According to WHO, a spiral of Omicron cases could result in more hazardous variants. 

LONDON: The World Health Organization has issued a new warning that many Omicron cases worldwide may increase. Therefore, it becomes the emergence of more recent and more harmful versions.

Although the latest Omicron version is becoming more prevalent rapidly across the globe and doesn’t appear to be more severe than was initially thought, WHO Senior Emergency Officer Catherine Smallwood has sounded an alarm warning that an increase in the infection rate could have an opposite effect.

“The more Omicron propagates and spreads, the more likely to replicate and be transmitted. Omicron is deadly and may be fatal, likely just a bit lower than Delta. What’s next? Who would advise you to throw it away?”

MORE: The new COVID-19 variant “IHU” has been discovered in France at most 12 people infected.

Smallwood said in an interview, as per the California Times report.

Due to its lower severe nature, researchers are hopeful that Omicron might overcome the pandemic and restore life to normal. 

According to Smallwood, More than 100 million COVID cases have been identified in Europe since the epidemic’s beginning in the year 2000. 

More than 5 million more cases have been recorded during the final week of 2021.

“We are at a very dangerous stage, and we are seeing a very significant increase in infection rates in Western Europe, the full impact of which is not yet clear,” she added. 

This warning comes when French researchers have identified an entirely new Covid variant. It is likely of Cameroonian origin and temporarily identified as IHUthe IHU.

The latest variant in the lineage known as B.1.640.2 has been believed to have infected 12 individuals across the country, as per the study yet to be peer-reviewed by the French government. 46 mutations and 37 deletions characterize it.

France recorded a record-breaking 271,686 daily viral cases on Tuesday, as omicron outbreaks spread across the nation, putting hospital staff at a disadvantage and risking disruption to transport, schools, and other services.

The French government is trying to stay clear of a potentially harmful lockdown. Instead, it is trying to hurry vaccine legislation through the parliament, hoping it will be enough to safeguard hospitals.

In addition, the Omicron variant was responsible for 95 percent of all new coronavirus cases last week, as per US medical officials’ most recent estimates. 

The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention released its latest estimates on Tuesday. The CDC utilizes genomic surveillance data to create predictions on which versions of COVID-19 viruses are responsible for the majority of the recent cases.

Recent estimates indicate an extreme shift within a single month – in which variant of the coronavirus is found to be the most prevalent. 

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