Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Activision Blizzard CAO sends out a union-busting message to employees.

Activision Blizzard CAO: There are still a lot of issues to be resolved within the current Activision Blizzard scandal, and top executives in the company attempt to mitigate the damage.

In a refreshing change, it is interesting to note that the executive on the receiving end of the blame isn’t the CEO Bobby Kotick but instead Chief Administrative Officer Brian Bulatao.

In response to calls backed by union members from the Communications Workers of America union for employees from Activision Blizzard to unionize, Bulatao sent an email message to workers on Monday morning to address the problem.

Beginning with examples of the improvements in the firm’s direction in the wake of many allegations of discrimination, harassment, discrimination, and unjust business practice and discrimination, he addressed the issue of whether unionization efforts are feasible.

While he stressed that the company is supportive of its employees’ decision to join a union, he then went further to say that going ahead with the process will effectively transfer the entire negotiation power of employees to CWA.

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This is technically correct -the CWA will be the main bargaining body, with all the power to bargain for its members. However, Bulatao seemed to deliberately and cynically portray this as a negative thing by suggesting that a body where employees fight democratically for and participate in essential questions is somehow more dangerous than the corporate board of directors that does not give employees seats in the room.

The email was met with predictable adverse reactions from many employees, who pointed out the readily-recognizable words and phrases that smack unions and the talk points. However, the email of Bulatao may be influencing workers who are still not convinced regarding the possibility of unionizing.

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