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Age Of Empires 4 (AoE) Chinese Civilization Guide

Age Of Empires 4 Chinese Civilization Guide: It is believed that the Chinese Civilization is among the eight civilizations that you’ll encounter while you play Age of Empires 4 (AoE). This is because the Chinese Civilization is the most potent builder civilization you can find in the game. 

This is due to the Chinese capability to construct multiple forts and buildings quickly, which allows them to grow even faster into the later stages. These qualities aid the Chinese gain an edge over their rivals in the game, making them an excellent choice for playing AoE 4. 

If you’re beginning to learn about the game but don’t know anything about Chinese culture and Civilization, we’ve just the right guide. Please continue reading to learn everything you have to be aware of this culture and why it is distinctive to players in AoE 4.

Age of Empires 4 Chinese Civilization Guide

What is it that makes the Chinese Civilization of Age of Empires 4 different from the other is because due to the fact they travel through Ages and Dynasties.

 The difference is that you only have to construct one landmark per an Age. However, Dynasties require two milestones. So, if you are playing in this particular Civilization to progress quickly through the ages, it is only necessary to construct one landmark for each Age.

The benefit can be that the villagers you have been more efficient in the process of construction of structures. They will be able to construct defenses as much as 50% faster. The rest of the building will be up to 100 percent faster. 

In addition to this, there is the reality that you’ll be able to access the Chemistry technology free of charge when you are into the Imperial Age. In addition, you’ll have access to a total of 5 military units, as well as three buildings.

the Age of Empires 4 Chinese Civilization Dynasties

When you first begin AoE 4 in the Chinese Civilization, it will show yourself at the Tang dynasty. Then, as you advance to the next level, you’ll be able to go to three different dynasties.

 We will look at the steps you must take to succeed in each of these three dynasties.

In this dynasty, you’ll be required to create an arrangement that will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of tax collections.

 In addition, you must ensure that your scouts are searching for sheep and trading posts as the amount of your assets is growing.

Song Dynasty

Once you have completed this Tang Dynasty, you will move into the Song Dynasty. You can start this Age by building either or constructing the Barbican of the Sun or the Imperial Academy.

The creation of Barbican of the Sun. Barbican of the Sun will serve as keeping. It can also cause destruction whenever it falls under garrison. While it is in construction, Imperial Academy will enhance the taxation of structures situated within a certain distance. This will allow you to acquire more gold.

In this particular Age, it is recommended that you put in the time and effort to build your empire with the aid of constructing stone structures. Also, you should continue to develop a business relationship with traders.

Another advantage of joining the Song Dynasty is Villagers.

 They are an advanced version of the house. The building of a village will aid in increasing the population limit by 40. It will also lead to an increase in productivity that your community can achieve.

Yuan Dynasty

To enter into the 3rd Age of the Chinese Civilization in AoE 4. You will have to construct an Astronomical Clocktower or the Imperial Palace.

 The construction of an Astronomical Clocktower will establish a siege workshop that will provide an additional 50% health boost for the Siege unit. Additionally, you can use the Imperial Palace will provide you with a more considerable distance.

 You can observe enemy villages anyplace within the maps. This is a great feature when planning an attack. This makes it a good option for your very first important landmark.

In this dynasty, you’ll also be able to build a Granary that will boost the capacity of your food production. Furthermore, you’ll be in a position to unlock this Fire Lancer unit.

Ming Dynasty

The Ming Dynasty is the fourth and final era of Chinese Civilization in AoE 4. It requires you to construct your own Great Wall Gatehouse or the Spirit Way. The construction of this Great Wall Gatehouse will enhance the wall’s strength. 

The Spirit Way is an ideal choice, mainly because it permits you to construct a structure that is a copy of the one you have previously built for an additional 30% of the cost. The Spirit Way tides over the common issue of the disappearance of Dynasty units when switching Dynasties.

Within the Ming Dynasty, you will also construct the Pagoda structure. Putting a relic in the Pagoda can result in receiving 50 gold units and food, as well as wood and stones at intervals of 30 minutes. Additionally, you will be able to acquire the Grenadier unit and an extra health bonus.

We now know about the Dynasties. Let’s look at the Dynasties. to look at the empire’s distinct units.

Unique Units of the Chinese Civilization

  • Grenadier Like the title implies this unit can throw grenades to cause destruction.
  • Zhuge Nu, The Zhuge Nu, is a repeater crossbowman that can be efficient against lighter units.
  • Fire Lancer: The Fire Lancer is a light cavalry unit that can work efficiently against buildings.
  • The Nest of Bees The unit shoots many rockets, causing damage to the area.

We now know each of the units unique to this Civilization; let’s look at the landmarks of AoE 4.

Chinese Civilization Landmarks

  • Imperial Academy: It is a landmark of economic significance. The buildings in its vicinity will create a 100% tax on gold.
  • Barbican of the Sun: This is a historical landmark of strategic importance. It fires an arm cannon with a long-range. When garrisoned, it can also add arrowslits. This also aids in providing an excellent view when in the stealth forest.
  • Astronomical Clocktower: The Astronomical Clocktower is a Siege Workshop. It is a siege engine manufacturer with an increase of 50% health.
  • Imperial Palace: The Imperial Palace is also a critical landmark for the economy. It provides a wide area of sight. It can be activated to pinpoint the villagers’ position of the enemy for a time of 10 seconds.
  • Great Wall Gatehouse: This is a landmark for defense. It must be constructed using stone walls. It increases the overall quality of stone walls and gates by 100 100%. Soldiers who stand near walls are subjected to damages up to 50%.
  • Spirit Way: This is an army landmark. Like we said earlier, this landmark can eliminate the issue of losing units from dynasties when changing dynasties. All buildings within its vicinity are dynasty units that can be produced at 30% less cost.

That’s it. This is our complete and detailed guide to the Chinese Civilization of Age of Empires 4. As you will see, there’s plenty that makes this Civilization appealing to players. If you follow the correct steps, you’ll be able to establish control of your enemies using the Chinese quickly.

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