Agüero planning to announce his retirement

Sergio Agüero planning to announce his retirement.

Replaced at halftime against Alavés on October 30, Sergio Agüero was later diagnosed with a heart problem. Initially, it was announced that the Argentine forward will be out for three months.

However, it had been mentioned several times that the forward might even be forced to prematurely end his playing time.

At the age of 33, it is rare to see a player go through something like this. But Agüero seems to have no choice but to hang up his boots.

And former teammate Samir Nasri had already confirmed a few weeks ago that Agüero will retire from the game.

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“Unfortunately, it is a forced stop. I know the love he has for the sport and seeing him stop like that hurts a lot. I encouraged him a lot and sent him a lot of love because he is someone I really like, ”said Nasri on Canal +.

And it appears that Agüero will officially announce his retirement on Wednesday. The Spanish journalist Emilio Pérez de Rozas assures that Barcelona is already preparing Farewell to a player who has just been signed.

This is a really sad situation as Aguero had just made a strong comeback and had started to return to the same levels that helped him become the top foreign scorer in Premier League history.

With five league titles under his belt, the 34-year-old goes down in history as one of the all-time greats in the league.

While his last season at Etihad was not memorable, Aguero left the club as a free agent with his head held high.

However, it is to be hoped that the Argentine will return to football in some way very soon.