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Alan Walker returns to PUBG MOBILE with his new song Paradise

Alan Walker returns to PUBG MOBILE with his new song Paradise.

A while back, PUBG MOBILE announced that it would be partnering with Alan Walker once again. Last time around, the platinum DJ and music producer celebrated PUBG MOBILE’s first anniversary with the release of two exclusive songs, On My Way and Live Fast. 

This time around, he will release his new song Paradise exclusively on PUBG MOBILE on September 23. 

Paradise is a collaboration between Alan Walker, K-391, and Boy in Space and can be heard in the lobby and vehicles until October 21. 

It will also be available in the playlist in the player’s personal space.

New event exclusive items hitting the store include the complete “Walker” title, Walker 2021 set, Walker 2021 buggy, Walker 2021 graffiti, Walker 2021 space gift, Alan Walker space playlist, along with elements of the previous collaboration.

Alan Walker himself expressed his enthusiasm for the event, saying: “I can’t wait to continue this journey with PUBG MOBILE. 

This time, my new song, “Paradise,” will be available in the game, introducing a new special outfit. I hope you are ready to experience the world of Walker through PUBG MOBILE! “ 

Players can also earn other Alan Walker-related items, such as the Walker Hoodie, by completing exclusive in-game event tasks. Another way to get them is simply by sharing content about the Alan Walker event on social media. Tweet away!

This collaboration is part of the new version 1.6 update of PUBG MOBILE, which introduced new content and features, and other crossovers such as the Japanese manga and anime Jujitsu Kaisen and the super talented people of Zaha Hadid Architects.

The Alan Walker event will go live on September 23 and stay for fans to vibrate until October 21. Make sure to complete all the tasks by then too!

Enjoy Alan Walker’s paradise by downloading PUBG MOBILE for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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