Alcoholism is addressed in Stardew Valley

Alcoholism is addressed in Stardew Valley: Some communities believe that video games are irreverent, violent, and inherently dangerous. People often think of video games as graphic violence and fierce gunfights with no narrative purpose. 

While there are games that can describe as such, there are many other games that are more thoughtful, insightful, and mature than that. Stardew Valley appears to be a farming RPG.

 It has a charming 16-bit design, much like the one in ConcernedApe’s upcoming Haunted Chocolatier. While the game involves players creating their plot of land and building relationships with locals, it is so much more.

Stardew Valley focuses on community. Pelican Town is just one example of a community that can be complex. Even the smallest towns can have their ups and downs, long-standing problems, and petty grudges. 

Many things can go wrong in a community, such as family tragedies and troubled neighbors. But there is also a lot of good friends and healthy relationships. 

Stardew Valley has a charmingly rustic setting that allows players to navigate country life. 

However, the game also includes darker elements that reflect a more realistic environment, such as examining alcoholism.

The Role of Alcohol in the Game

Stardew Valley is a charming game that showcases small-town life as the seasons change. It features elements of farming and animal rearing and has a charming and simple design. 

However, Stardew Valley also touches on and sometimes addresses substance abuse, trauma childhoods, and PTSD.

Some plots feel like a player thrown into a soap opera with illicit affairs and a wizard with a secret child. 

Others are more complicated. The most complex, heartbreaking, and thought-provoking plot is when Stardew Valley introduces alcoholic beverages into the lives of several NPCs. 

ConcernedApe created characters such as Pam and Shane to illustrate drinking difficulties.

It all starts quite innocently. It starts quite innocently. Stardew Valley complicates this as the game progresses. Players will soon see that some characters, such as Shane and Pam, may have a more destructive relationship with the substance. 

Alex, a romantic NPC, also discusses his struggle with his abusive father and potential alcoholic father. This further illustrates that dependency on alcohol is a dangerous condition that affects more than the drinker.

The Characterization Approach to Alcoholism: Exploring the Causes

Pam’s apparent alcoholism has impacted Penny, her daughter, who lists mead, ale, wine, and ale as items she dislikes. 

This subtle hint at her alcoholism reflects Penny’s relationship with her mother, which adds an unfortunate dimension to Pam’s dependence on her daughter. 

Both live in a trailer on the eastern side of Pelican Town. Penny’s efforts to take care of her mother and the home seem never-ending and often not appreciated. 

On the other hand, Pam is often found at Stardrop Saloon, where she seems to drink away her problems since she lost her job when the bus in the town broke down.

Shane is another character that appears to have a drinking problem. Despite the resentful feelings of many residents, Shane is forced to work at the JojaMart. 

Shane may initially seem irritable and sloppy, but it’s easy to forget. Players will begin to see the soft side of the bitter bachelor as they get to know him more. Players can enjoy his heartbreaking backstory as well as his redeeming character arc.

 They will also see Shane hit rock bottom when discussing his feelings of inadequacy and thoughts about suicide. Players will see him change his mind and become a better godfather for Jas.

Players can still give characters such as Pam or Shane alcohol gifts after learning more about them and experiencing their touching and nuanced hearts events. However, this could feel morally wrong. 

Players who drink alcoholic items will experience de-buffs such as a reduced speed. This clearly shows that the item has a negative effect. However, not all is black and white. 

Many characters enjoy drinking alcohol and seem to have no problem with it. Stardew valley includes problems such as apparent alcoholism, but it doesn’t lecture players or beat them over the head.

 The title allows players to make their own decisions and assumptions, surprising some gamers.

Stardew Valley is available for Android, iOS, and PC.