All Phantasmal Conches Location in Genshin Impact

All Phantasmal Conches Location in Genshin Impact: The Summertime Odyssey event and the long quest required to launch the limited-time event, which includes version 2.8, have started. You may begin the event quest Resonating Visions when the investigation finishes.

A new outfit for Fischl may be yours if you complete this quest, which also has other worthwhile prizes. The locations of all Phantasmal Conches in Genshin Impact describe in this guide.

Until all Conch locations find in the game, this guide will be updated daily.

All Phantasmal Conches Location in Genshin Impact

A unique item scattered around the Golden Archipelago area that is accessible during the Summertime Odyssey Event is the Phantasmal Conches. The Genshin Impact reset adds new Conch locales to the game every day.

The cost-free unlock for Fischl’s new outfit is 16 Conches in total. Twenty Phantasmal Conches will be hidden and collected throughout this event.

Conch locations for Day 1 on Broken Isle

From the starting camp, travel north until you reach the Broken Isle to start your quest.

1: On the way between the two mountains, keep an eye out for this Conch.

2: The second Conch, perched on a rock and seen from the first, is somewhat to the north.

3: Head to the sliver of land that connects the two islands after snatching the second Conch. It will perch on a rock embedded in the sand.

4: Continue the crossing and go to the southeast corner of the second island by following its beach. The Conch will be next to a training dummy and a wooden fence.

5: Cross the sea to the southeast until you arrive at the island shown by area five on the above map. The island campsite’s Conch will be in the middle of the area.

The places on Broken Isle will now be complete. As soon as you are on your boat, go east until you reach Twinning Isle.

First-day conch locations on Twinning Isle

6: On the island’s western side, close to the shore, is where you’ll find the sixth Conch. It may discover on several rocks close to the enormous cliff.

7: After snatching the prior Conch, ascend the cliff in front of you until you reach the very halt. The seventh Conch situates on the bridge that connects the two mountains.

8: Ascend to the top of the second hill to take in the view of the two islands to the south across the water. Take off, fly to area eight, and locate the Conch on the water’s edge.

Once you’ve collected all eight Conch, go south to Pudding Isle or, if the quick travel point is enabled, utilize the teleport.

Conch locations for Day 1 on Pudding Isle

9: In region nine, close to the teleporter that perches atop a cliff, lies this Conch.

10: Drop down to area 10, where you’ll find the Conch perched on a rock embedded in the sand.

11: It’s simple to locate the last Conch. It is on the beach if you follow the coastline to the island’s western side.

For the last day, one Conch teleport or traverse the ocean after obtaining the eleventh Conch.

Conch locations during Day 1 on Minacious Isle

12: This Conch is near the little pond below the high mountain.

13: Take the Conch from the area near the pond, then ascend the rock wall. The next Conch is at the top of the first level, a challenging climb.

14: After obtaining the prior Conch, the ascent to the ridge’s very summit. One Conch will be waiting on the last day.

All Phantasmal Conches Location in Genshin Impact

Locations for every Day 2 Phantasmal Conch

The Misty Hills conceal the 14th Conch. quest area in Foggy Vales. To access this new region, you must finish the second Summertime Odyssey quest.

The Conch is in the third section of this place. The Bonsai Tree you interact with to start the search will take you back to this area if you happen to miss it throughout the main quest.

15: This hidden Conch is not far from the start of the third and last dojo. To discover it lying on a table, descend after the first chamber’s entrance.

Locations for every Day 3 Phantasmal Conch

16: Xinyan’s Domain is home to the following Phantasmal Conches. To access this domain, you must begin and finish the Summertime Odyssey Blazin’ Trails quest event.

After finishing the domain, return to the quest’s starting point, which is north of Broken Isle. Then, to enter the quest area again, access the drum and choose the Blazin’ Trails objective.

Find a door that will lead you into a puzzle room with treasures and monsters to battle after you’ve entered this world. Explore this area until you find a clearing with a puzzle chest and several horns.

Use the horns once more after you’ve opened the treasure to create a wind tunnel that will carry you to a neighboring cliff.

The 16th Phantasmal Conch will be perched on the rock, as seen in the illustration below after you activate the lift and ascend to the cliff.

17: You have to engage with the drums to enter Xinyan’s territory to get to this Conch. You may alter the Broken Isle mountains’ style with these drums.

The mountains should adjust till the right peak is extremely small.

As you approach, a cave will face you on the tiny mountain. You’ll need a Pyro character for the next part. Due to her accessibility to all players, Amber is a sure bet.

It would help if you started a fire in each of the torches within the cave. Then, you may utilize a fire totem and enter the next water-filled room using the first four torches.

Light up three of the lamps in the next room, then go through the entrance at the other end of the cave to discover the fourth.

The second fire totem will drain the water within the room if you return via the entrance. Finally, on top of a lantern will be the 17th Phantasmal Conch.

From the Resonating Visions event page, you may purchase Fischl’s new outfit after you have at least 16 of the 20 Conches. This guide will be updated when the game adds the remaining three Conches.