How to alter a villager’s occupation in Minecraft

Alter a villager’s occupation in Minecraft: In Minecraft, villages are your only option for creating a commerce market. Villagers will offer a range of products that you may buy with Emeralds and other stuff they seek, depending on their profession.

However, sometimes you can come across a Villager with a job you don’t need. In such a scenario, you may give them a different position. Changing a villager’s career in Minecraft is explained here.

How to alter a villager’s occupation in Minecraft

It’s not difficult to persuade a Villager to alter their occupation. You can determine what job block they employ if you find out what job they now hold.

Whatever block and Bed they are connected to must be destroyed. Of course, they’ll be a bit upset, but it’s nothing to be concerned about.

Trap them in a confined space while they move around the region so they can’t keep escaping.

Place a bed and the work block that dictates their future employment after putting them in a location where you may choose their job.

All three entities will have green sparkles, indicating they are connected. The Villager will immediately change into a different outfit if you successfully unlinked them from their prior goods.

Keep in mind that each Bed and Job block can only have one Villager associated with it.

Following is a list of every Villager’s position and the block that chooses it:

  • Weaponsmith – Blast Furnace
  • Smoker – Butcher
  • A cartographer’s table for cartography
  • Brewing Stand Cleric
  • Composter – Farmer
  • Barrel Fisherman
  • Table of Fletcher and Fletching
  • Cauldron – Leatherworker
  • Lectern – Librarian
  • Stonecutters and Masons
  • Lambda – Loom
  • Smithing table for tools
  • Armorer – Grindstone

It would help if you made the most of the Villager’s employment now that you have it by starting to trade with other players to level them up and get higher offers.