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Amazon Prime Membership to get costly after December 13 Price hike, how do you access it before the price increase

Amazon Prime Membership to get costly after December 13: Amazon will soon increase prices for the Amazon Prime subscription; it has announced that current prices will only be valid until December 13. Costs will be increased beginning on December 14.


  • Amazon Prime membership price will increase by up to 50 percent.
  • All 3 Prime subscription plans, including monthly, quarterly, annual, and monthly, will rise.
  • All Prime members are not affected by the price increase.

Amazon Prime membership is set to increase membership price starting on December 14. Amazon Prime members are available in India is expected to cost 50 percent more from December 13

 Amazon has announced an increased price for Prime prices in October, but the American company did not advise a timeframe for the price increase at the time.

The news has now been verified that annual membership for Amazon Prime will cost Rs. 1,499 instead of Rs. 999. The new rates will take effect on December 14.

 Customers can extend their subscription at their old rates ( i.e., Rs. 99 annually) until midnight of December 13.

The company’s FAQ page explained that “Currently, you can sign up for Prime and keep the price you had as part of a particular time offer Amazon is offering.

 We suggest that you renew or purchase Prime; therefore, it can before the offer’s expiration date of December 13, 2021, at 11:59 pm.”

For the monthly plan beginning on December 14, Prime members will pay Rs 179 instead of Rs 129.

 It is an increment of 50 rupees. The plan for the quarter will soon be available for purchase at a reduced price that is Rs 459. As long as the price hike is not in effect, users will purchase the plan for the much cheaper cost of just Rs 329. Amazon has announced the price hike on its Support page.

It is important to remember that Prime members will not be affected by the price increase. However, Prime members, Prime members will be required to pay the price after their current Prime membership ends.

Amazon Prime on its website states on its website that “Existing Prime members can continue their membership for as long as their membership is priced at present. After the price changes, you are able for renewal at the current price.”

Amazon Prime is not just a way to get speedier delivery and earlier Prime sale access on the website of Amazon; however, it also gives access to Amazon’s apps like Prime Video, Audible, Prime Music, and more.

Alongside the all-inclusive access of the Amazon Prime catalog, the subscribers also have access to 70 million music, ad-free via Amazon Music.

Recently, Disney+ Hotstar also launched new plans that affected the prepaid plans. Disney+ Hotstar’s plans are now priced at 499. Netflix has canceled the Disney+ Hotstar plan, priced at 399 Rs. Netflix’s most basic subscription costs just 200 rupees, while the annual subscription is beyond Rs 2000.


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