American Horror Story’s Leslie Grossman Talks About What Makes Double Role Authentic

American Horror Story’s Leslie Grossman Talks About What Makes Double Role Authentic.

As American Horror Story delves into the second half of “Double Feature,” a time-skipping alien story set both in the 1950s and today, one of the show’s stars is reflecting on more than just his lead role. in the first half of the season, “Red Tide”, but how that character compares with who plays in the alien “Death Valley”.

Warning: the following contains spoilers for American Horror Story season 10.

Speaking to GameSpot, Leslie Grossman (Ursula on “Red Tide” and Calico on “Death Valley”) admitted that this particular season was quite different from others because the pandemic led to a long preparation process. “Every time we start a new season,” We don’t necessarily have all the scripts, “he explained.” So, because of the pandemic, they had time to write and store some scripts. So I was able to read the first few and see where I was going. “

Of course, she didn’t know how it would all end, where would the fun be in that? Yet even after seeing just how vicious his Hollywood power broker persona could be, Grossman didn’t find it all that unrealistic. “I frankly don’t think what he did is that extreme in terms of this world,” said the actress. “I think there would be many people who would do exactly what Ursula did.”

“Everything is a means to an end. And I also think she is a complete sociopath, so it is easy for her to do what she did. So it is based on real events people I’ve known over the years, kind of a hodgepodge, that there have been times where I’m like, really speechless by someone’s behavior, like this can’t be real. And it’s real. “

However, Calico is a completely different story. Her character in “Death Valley” debuted in this week’s episode as a woman who has apparently been held captive by aliens for decades, continually giving birth to new descendants. Although it is not based on any kind of reality familiar to Grossman, he has strong feelings about the character.

“Calico has had a really interesting existence,” he explained. “I will say that, in my opinion, she is kind of diametrically opposed to an Ursula. I have a lot of compassion and love for Calico and you will see why.”

So while you may have hated Ursula at the end of “Red Tide,” it seems like you could grow quite fond of Calico. I hope she comes out of “Death Valley” alive.


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