An armed civilian neutralized the Indiana mall shooter within 15 seconds

An armed civilian neutralized the Indiana mall shooter within 15 seconds.

An armed citizen neutralized a shooter who started the fire at an Indiana mall food court on Sunday in barely 15 seconds, according to the police. The incident claimed the lives of three people and injured another two.

A statement was released on Tuesday to amend a shooting chronology supplied by police on Monday. Before 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken stopped the gunman, 20-year-old Jonathan Sapirman, authorities claimed that two minutes had gone.

According to Greenwood Police Chief James Ison, there was just a fifteen-second gap between when Jonathan Sapirman started firing after leaving the toilet and the moment civilian Elisjsha Dicken shot him. 

“Sapirman may be seen leaving the toilet at 5:56:48 on the CCTV footage. At 5:57:03 PM, Dicken defeated him.”

Sapirman was shot eight times, according to a preliminary autopsy report issued on Tuesday, and he passed suddenly as a result.

According to earlier reports from the police, the incident started around 4:54 p.m. local time when the shooter entered the mall and went to the restroom in the food court. 

He spent slightly over an hour there. Before Dicken shot him, he immediately started shooting after leaving the toilet at 5:56 p.m., killing three people and injuring two more. 

Pedro Pineda, 56; Rosa Mirian Rivera de Pineda, 37; and Victor Gomez, 30 were named as the fatalities on Tuesday.

After the incident, two rifles, a Glock handgun, many magazines, and at least 100 rounds of ammunition were found, according to Ison.

Ison stated, calling the man’s efforts “nothing short of heroic,” that “many more people might have perished yesterday night if not for a responsible armed citizen who took action inside the first two minutes of this massacre.” Ison claims that Dicken was in the mall with his girlfriend when the shooting happened.

Ison said Dicken confronted the shooter from “quite a distance” and that his tactics were “quite tactically sound,” even though he stated he doesn’t think Dicken had any experience in the military or law enforcement.

Dicken’s attorney described his client as “a great American hero who saved numerous lives” and said he was “honored” to represent him. 

But, according to the lawyer, Dicken would not speak extensively on the subject until the inquiry was over.