Andy MURRAY hopes to see NOVAK DJOKOVIC in the LOWER PARTS: Andy Murray is hoping to have the top players in this year’s Australian Open this year, including Novak Djokovic.

The Serbian has been asked whether he’ll be playing the tournament of a lifetime.

Since the game demands that all players be vaccination-free this year.

Djokovic, who has expressed his opinion regarding getting vaccinated, believes that it’s not a requirement and individual choice.

Despite that, the player hasn’t yet revealed whether or not he’s vaccinated. However, his name remains on the Australian Open’s entry list.

Murray believes that this could be interpreted as only one thing.
“I do not know what’s going on regarding Novak.

The most recent information I could find is that the player was listed on the list of players.  I’m assuming he’s playing and is vaccination-free.

“But said that they were the rules. If you’re interested in playing it, you need to be vaccinated, so I’m going to assume that’s the case,” Murray told the press.

A former World No. 1 would like to see compelling headlines and hot, steamy games in Melbourne, which is what happens when the top players are playing.

Given the incredible success of Djokovic in the event, Murray wants to see him play and attempt to break new records in 202,2.

“Ultimately you’re looking for the best players to compete in the most important competitions,” Murray said.

“It’s what makes these events more enjoyable, and he’s trying to break records, taking home the 21st Slam.

“His record in the country is amazing, and we’re hoping that he will be there.”