Why are the Animatronics Evil in FNAF Security Breach?

Animatronics Evil in FNAF Security Breach: Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach’s main plot is a child trapped in a Pizzaplex overnight. 

The fun-loving Animatronics there for entertainment become killing machines.

 As a child, your goal is to escape and survive. Why are the Animatronics so evil in FNAF Security Break?

 Furthermore, Why is Freddy friendly in FNAF Security Break? This is because the Animatronics are unhinged in the game.

Why does Animatronics attack you in FNAF Security Breach and turn evil?

The shocking reason the Animatronics in FNAF Security Breach is evil is here. Animatronics become evil because another entity controls them. 

They act as puppets for the main villain to accomplish his dark purposes.

Here are the spoilers if you want to find out the real reason Animatronics became evil. 

Here’s your spoiler alert! Are you ready? Continue reading.

You may have heard that Vanessa, a security guard, is searching for Gregory at the Pizzaplex. However, Vanny is a darker side to Vanessa. 

Vanny is Vanessa, but she appears in this form wearing a Bunny suit with glowing red eyes. 

Vanny will look at you from far away, move towards you and dance around, while the screen will glitch/distort when she is near. Her mission?

 To capture children for a sinister purpose. Glitchtrap is controlling Vanny. Veteran fans of the franchise will tell that Glitchtrap is William Afton.

So why is FNAF Security Breach allowing robots to be evil? William Afton is now trying to revive himself from a digital virus into a physical form. He has started controlling Vanessa/Vanny.

 Glitchtrap has enlisted the assistance of Vanessa to hack Fazbear Entertainment’s security protocols and Animatronics. Unfortunately, they are the victims of the Glitchtrap virus, so they act like mad robots and are evil. 

Glitchtrap also uses them to power his own body, which is why they look withered.

Freddy Friendly: Why does he help with Security Breach?

Freddy will turn off when he senses that Freddy is at High Threat. Note that Freddy restarts in safe mode after he starts up again.

 Freddy may have been with Gregory while recharging to escape being reprogrammed. This is not confirmed.

Freddy’s actions and the early malfunction make him more human-like than the other Animatronics.

 He is different because of his empathy. He protects Gregory (you). Freddy even says that the Glitchtrap wants to control him at one point, but Freddy fights it.

This is the answer to the question, “Why are animatronics evil at FNAF Security Breach?” So, finally, we have the guide you need.


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