Anime Destruction Simulator Codes

Roblox Anime Destruction Simulator Codes April 2022: Roblox codes from our current list. You can redeem them for free rewards like Boosts or Yen!

However, Anime Destruction Simulator is an experience created in collaboration with the team at Breaking Blocks for Roblox. 

In this game, players journey through anime-themed worlds and destroy everything in their way. The players can upgrade their characters and gain more Yen and discover new worlds. 

You can also make use of these codes for an in-game boost for free.

Utilizing Anime Destruction Simulator codes is a no-cost and simple way to earn free boosts in the game and Yen.

The developers update their codes frequently, typically when the game is hit with milestones or has new content is released. 

This page can be saved, and visit it regularly to see new codes and updates.

Roblox Anime Destruction Simulator Codes April 2022

  • guild20k – Redeem this code for Free Yen & Yen Boost (NEW CODE Working)
  • pirate15k – Redeem for Boost
  • update1hype – Redeem code for a free Boost
  • destroy1k – Redeem code for a free Boost
  • leaf5k – Redeem code for a free Boost
  • nice2.5k – Redeem code for a free Boost
  • destroy1k – Redeem code for a free Boost
  • sorry4shutdown – Redeem code for Yen and Boosts
  • freeyen – Redeem code for a free Boost

How do you redeem the Anime Destruct Simulator codes?

To redeem codes within Anime Destruction Simulator, Follow these steps:

  1. Launch Anime Destruction Simulator.
  2. Tap the Twitter icon located on the right-hand edge of your screen.
  3. Input a valid code in the redemption box for codes.
  4. Press Redeem to claim your game reward.

We suggest cutting and pasting codes from the above list to avoid mistakes. Check for extra spaces following each code to ensure that it functions correctly.

How can I obtain additional code in Anime Destruction Simulator?

To find more codes for the Anime Destruction Simulator, You can follow @NiiteRBLX or @iStaridium on Twitter. 

These are the two developers of Anime Destruction Simulator, so they’ll be posting announcements and codes through their channels on social media. 

Also, you can follow our code wiki to keep up-to-date.