Anushka Sharma wraps Chakda 'Xpress's first schedule

Anushka Sharma wraps Chakda ‘Xpress’s first schedule:  Anushka Sharma said on Saturday that the first shooting session for Chakda ‘Xpress. A biography of former Indian cricket captain Jhulan Goswami, had been over.

Schedule 1 is complete. There will be more. The 34-year-old actress posted a photo of a cricket ball with the message, “#ChakdaXpress @jhulangoswami @prositroy @kans26 @netflix in @officialcsfilms” as she announced the schedule wrap on Instagram.

The Prosit Roy-directed Netflix movie follows Goswami’s ascent up the corporate ladder to pursue her goal of playing cricket for India despite sexist political obstacles.

Goswami, currently rated top in the ICC Women’s ODI bowling rankings, is among the quickest bowlers in the annals of women’s cricket.

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Goswami made history in March when she became the first bowler in women’s ODI cricket to record 250 wickets. At age 39, she is still a member of the Indian cricket team.

Through their production company Clean Slate Films, Anushka and her brother Karnesh Sharma also produce Chakda ‘Xpress.

Last month, Sharma began filming for the Netflix movie. She and Roy previously collaborated on the 2018 supernatural horror film, Pari. Zero, a 2018 film starring Shah Rukh Khan, was Sharma’s last acting role.

Anushka Sharma wraps Chakda ‘Xpress’s first schedule

Beginning in 2022, Chakda ‘Xpress was formally announced, and shortly after that, Netflix announced that production would commence.

It was tough for women even to consider playing the sport when Jhulan decided to become a cricket player and represent her country on a global stage, Sharma said in a prepared statement at the time.

“This movie is a dramatic account of several events that affected her life and women’s cricket.

“Very nothing encouraged Indian women to pursue a cricket career. Not even the availability of facilities or a steady source of revenue from playing the sport.

“Jhulan persevered through a complex and very unpredictable cricketing career so that she might honor her nation.

She dispels the myth that women can’t play cricket professionally in India so that the future generation of female cricket players would have a level playing field.

“Her life is a live example of how enthusiasm and tenacity can overcome any obstacles. And Chakda ‘Xpress is the most comprehensive look at the less than ideal world of women’s cricket at the time.

There is still much work to do, and we must provide them with the most excellent tools possible to succeed in India’s sports for women.

Netflix will host the premiere of Chakda ‘Xpress. Unfortunately, there no release window establish, much less a date.