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Apex Legends: Escape gameplay trailer reveals Ash’s abilities

Apex Legends: Escape gameplay trailer reveals Ash’s abilities.

Respawn continues to deepen the ties between Apex Legends and Titanfall, offering some comfort to fans of the original series, or spilling salt on the wounds of all those desperate for Titanfall 3, depending on your perspective.

The new season of Apex Legends will introduce Ash from Titanfall 2 as the next legend of the game, and a new trailer for the game and Official site updates have revealed what to expect from their abilities.

Ash’s tactic is Arc Snare, which sets a trap that will damage and bind the first enemy that gets too close. His passive is Death Marking, which shows the location of recent death boxes on the map and will mark surviving attackers.

His latest is Phase Breach, which opens a one-way portal to a specific location. In the trailer, we see her use this ability to cross a huge vertical distance. We will get more specific details on the new season, Escape, when the patch notes arrive. “later this week”.

We will also receive the CAR SMG as part of this update, another throwback to Titanfall. The trailer reveals that you will be able to switch between light and heavy ammo.

Ash first appeared in Titanfall 2 as the one who starts the batteries on the BT-7274 Titan that you end up piloting throughout the game. She was killed, well, ‘killed’, over the course of that game.

But she was rebuilt in cyborg form as part of Apex Legends’ Broken Ghost event, and in lore, she’s serving as the host of Arenas mode. The recent trailer suggests that Ash is now suffering from some kind of personality war.

Apex Legends: Escape will launch on November 2. If you are looking for more Battle Royale games to watch in the meantime, you can follow that link.

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