Apex Legends releases “Family Business”

Apex Legends releases “Family Business”: Apex Legends has announced that a new SFTO cinematic will release on June 14th at 8 a.m. pacific time.

The following is a tweet from the game’s official account. Which teases fans with a quick graphic that reveals a lot more than casual gamers could realize:

The newest legend Newcastle and intelligent supply containers, have been wreaking havoc on Lifeline mains’ meta.

With tomorrow’s impending cinematic, the developers may finally offer Lifeline some attention. This would make sense given that Lifeline’s town takeover for Olympus was just expose.

Apex Legends releases “Family Business”

Apex’s official teaser graphic is a media player with album artwork for “Flyer Liars,” which is Lifeline’s former punk rock band and the source of her drumstick heritage.

Last Monday, the Lifeline voice actress indicated that the tale would get additional attention in this tweet:

Lifeline’s family history has been filled with mystery and drama. And the title suggests that this will be the core theme of tomorrow’s new SFTP. But, in reality, Lifeline fled home to join the Flyer Liars to protest her parents’ war profiteering.

In “The Perfect Son,” Lifeline had a falling out with Octane, exposing the truth about Cherisse Che.

Because narrative and characters are two of Apex Legends‘ most robust features. The upcoming cinematic should be lengthier than prior installments. However, the exact runtime for tomorrow’s narrative may have leaked here, and if so, it’ll open up a lot of possibilities for worldbuilding:

While buffs and nerfs seem to be the least of the developer’s concerns, considering the new problems with their unpopular ranked system this season. A new cinematic should pique interest in Lifeline once again.

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