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Apple’s VR/AR headset could be postponed until 2023.

Apple’s VR/AR headset: Since the rumor mill began to spin in 2019 with reports of Apple’s tentative venture into the realm of VR and virtual reality enthusiasts and Mac enthusiasts alike are waiting for eager anticipation for more announcements from Apple.

Apple was scheduled to announce its next hybrid device that combines virtual and augmented reality -the company’s initial “next big thing” since the release in 2015 of its Apple Watch – during the Worldwide Developers Conference, this summer with a planned departure, to be announced sometime in 2019.

According to an article from Bloomberg, the proverbial bottle seems to have kicked further down the road.

Apple’s VR/AR headset

An announcement expect at “the end of 2022 or later,” and the launch postponed until 2023 at the earliest date.

The announcement resulted in Apple stock experiencing a slight drop, with the stock reportedly falling by $171.68. At one time from the record high of $173.76 earlier on in the day.

The reason for this delay, at a minimum it doesn’t appear to directly link to the pandemic. Or the current supply chain issues prevalent in the tech sector currently.

Instead, sources point to “development challenges related to overheating, cameras and software” as the reason.

On the one hand, this could go well since problems in the home tend to be simpler. To resolve than global shortages of resources.

However, if solutions to those issues cannot identify, it could threaten the device before officially announced.

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