Fans are thrilled to learn about the exhibition by the famous anime My Hero Academia, in which there will be an epic battle between the heroes and villains.

My Hero Academia is an anime adaptation all set to have a new exhibition in Japan, with the title, My Hero Academia Anime – All-Out War Arc-Exhibition.

Since the exhibition dates are getting closer, you’ll have more news about what will happen there.

My Hero Academia Anime Exhibition

Before discussing the exhibition, let’s review the incredible My Hero Academia, an anime based on manga written by the talented Kohei Horikoshi.

The story revolves around Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, a courageous yet powerless. He idolizes All Might and wants to become a hero like him.

Interestingly, after a miracle, he gets to enroll in the top hero academy, U.A. High School, where he meets other kids with the same dreams.

Due to the sheer support of the hero mentors, the kids work as a team to fight the League of Villains, which Tomura Shigaraki and All for One lead to destroy the world.

Anime is now one of the most popular anime during the last decade. Besides the anime, fans can also watch the following movies:

  • My Hero Academia: Two Heroes
  • My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising
  • My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission

The anime airs the sixth season, while the 14 episodes adapt the manga’s famous “All-Out War” arc. The arc’s storyline includes several heroes who are U.A. interns who work together to fight the League of Villains and the Paranormal Liberation Front. If you want to watch the anime, you can stream it on Crunchyroll.

My Hero Academia Arcs

There are a total of 21 currents, with the current arc being published as manga, out of which the fans are lauding the All-Out War arc.

Chapter 259 to 267 of the manga covers the arc in which the hero forces announce a war against the Paranormal Liberation Front. In this arc, PLF becomes a real threat to the world after Shigaraki awakens in his ultimate form.

Consequently, a battle veins with Mirko, Endeavor, and Eraser Head as the leading charge while Dr. Ujiko is in his underground laboratory. Also, Hawks play a deadly role as a double agent while the Pro-Heroes raid the PLF headquarters.

The arc presents several exciting and thrilling wars on all fronts that keep the fans hooked to the screens for hours.

Final Word

Mark your calendar for the My Hero Academia exhibition from April 26, 2023, to May 10, 2023, in Osaka’s Namba SkyO Convention Hall. The fans will have a once-in-a-lifetime series experience in photo spaces, 3D displays, videos, etc. Besides the exhibition, the fans can grab some fantastic collectible goods.

Next, the exhibition will move to Tokyo Dome City Gallery AmMo from May 27 to June 18 and then travel across the country till September 18.