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Arizona seeks U.S. Supreme Court to let abortion restrictions be imposed

Arizona seeks U.S. Supreme Court to let abortion restrictions be imposed. 

WASHINGTON – The Arizona state Arizona has requested the U.S. Supreme Court to allow a Republican-backed law. It restricts abortions due to the genetics of the fetus, for example, Down syndrome, to take the direction.

The request for emergency consideration to the justices, filed by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, seeks to stop a portion of a September decision by the federal judge of Arizona, which put the recently enacted law on hold.

It is believed that the Arizona Medical Association physicians’ group and abortion rights advocates. 

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In April, the plaintiffs following Arizona governor Doug Ducey signed into law banning abortions strictly due to genetic conditions that can be detected in the fetus like Down syndrome or cystic-fibrosis, unless this condition can be considered fatal.

It’s one of several Republican-backed abortion regulations that the states have enacted over the past few years.

Brnovich has requested the supreme court to permit the clause to take effect. At the same time, the litigation continues in the case of appeal.

His request reaches the conservative-majority court as the justices weigh another major abortion case from Mississippi that could overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v.

Wade’s ruling legalized the procedure nationwide. This will allow states to restrict abortion or even prohibit it entirely.

Mississippi’s law, halted by lesser courts, bars abortions before fifteen weeks pregnant. The conservative justices in their debates on December. 

One expressed that they favored Mississippi’s law and could support a change to Roe.

In a separate matter in the case, the Supreme Court last Friday kept the Texas prohibition on abortions beginning at around six weeks of pregnancy in another case. 

But allowing an appeal to proceed with what happens to the GOP-backed law that will enable individuals to enforce it remains in doubt.


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