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Artist creates Zelda symbols with an electronic piano.

Artist creates Zelda symbols with an electronic piano: With remakes and games that span over 30 years over 30 years of fun and remakes, the Legend of Zelda franchise has been in existence for quite a while.

 In the intervening years, the franchise has gained a lot of popularity, and many gamers have grown to play it. 

Recently, a fan decided to pay tribute to the iconic series uniquely musically.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, a musician named GLASS shared an odd piece of music that he composed. 

The thing that made it enjoyable was that the composer utilized an electric piano and MIDI software to write”Zelda “Zelda” on a laptop.

 Additionally, the composer was able to design the famous Triforce sign. To create this MIDI art, the artist pressed one of the keys on the piano.

 This did not just cause an audio pitch to hear. However, it also caused an identical note to show up on laptops.

 The process continued throughout the song to create an impressive artwork that could appreciate by the senses and through sound.

Artist creates Zelda symbols with an electronic piano

In addition to showing the distinctive song inspired by Zelda in the Zelda series, the video on YouTube GLASS also gave some background regarding the composition process. 

According to him, the composer said that the method of coming up with an enjoyable-sounding tune. Also included the Triforce symbol and also spelled”Zelda.

 “Zelda” was a unique task. In particular, the significant component of the tune had to be playable using only two hands.

 It was recorded by GLASYS as MIDI music live. But, he also noted that a variety of accompanying instruments came later on, including the percussion. 

This was done to create the appearance “Zelda-ish.”

This MIDI artwork by GLASS attracted the attention of many followers who are fans of The Legend of Zelda series on YouTube. 

The video is currently accumulating over 170,000 views, and 14K likes as the writing time. 

Although the tune did not come from a previous Zelda game, Many fans believed it was a tune that belonged to the series. 

Additionally, some believed that the tune’s opening was reminiscent of the song play to announce that Link opens the chest.

If you’re interest in hearing other music by GLASS. The artist also has his own YouTube channel that features numerous games’ video covers. 

He create MIDI artworks from Among Us, Super Mario Bros., Pokemon, and the Metroid series. 

In each case, the artist tried to make the music accompanying the artwork resemble the music in the games.

It’s fantastic to see players display their passion for The Legend of Zelda series in various unique ways. 

In addition to this MIDI artwork created by GLASS, A different person received a stunning tattoo depicting Skull Kid in Majora’s Mask

As the fans look forward to more information about Breath of the Wild 2 and Breath of the Wild 2, it will be fascinating to find out what works gifted fans can share with members of the Zelda group in the days ahead.


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