Arvind Kejriwal Criticise the BJP as a

Arvind Kejriwal, who referred to the BJP as a “corrupt party” in contrast to his “kattar imaandar” (very honest) Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in a speech before a vote of confidence he won, bragged about his IIT education and that of his children.

“I am a typical individual. I am from a typical middle-class household. I studied mechanical engineering at IIT. What I am now is a result of the chance I was given “Speaking at the Delhi Assembly’s special session, the Delhi Chief Minister.

Mr. Kejriwal said that both of his children attended IITs and that he wished to provide “the same education to every kid in India.”

“My two kids attended IIT for their education. The education my children received is the one I want to provide to every kid in India. the excellent education I had, “added he.

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Mr. Kejriwal promoted AAP as a rival to the BJP by asserting that there are only two parties at the national level: the “hardcore honest” Kattar Imandar Party and the “hardcore corrupt” Kattar Beimaan Party.

He made fun of the BJP by saying, “An utterly corrupt party lacks educated individuals yet a ‘hardcore honest’ party has people with high education, legitimate IIT degrees.”

Mr. Kejriwal accused the BJP of horse trafficking and said: “To purchase MLAs, they are paying 20–50 crore. If I wish to construct hospitals and schools, am I doing anything wrong.”

The Delhi Assembly approved the confidence vote for Mr. Kejriwal despite a walkout by five BJP MLAs after their party members were escorted out of the chamber after an argument.

In the 70-member legislature, 62 of the AAP’s MLAs were present today.

According to Mr. Kejriwal, the data show that the BJP’s purported efforts to bribe his MLAs into switching parties and overthrow his administration were unsuccessful.

The Chief Minister said that after the CBI searches on his deputy Manish Sisodia, his party’s vote share in Gujarat had climbed by 4%. But, he said, “If Mr. Sisodia is jailed, this will go up by 2%.”

“The CBI inspected Mr. Sisodia’s bank vault after conducting a raid and visiting his hometown. Despite claims to the contrary, CBI officials maintain they have not found any evidence to support his detention “Kejriwal said.