Asaram Bapu Case: Increased Security for Rape Victim’s Family

Police have increased the level of protection for the family of the woman who Asaram Bapu raped in 2013. Her father told police that Bapu’s supporters had threatened him and his family with death.

Sanjay Kumar, the superintendent of police in Shahajahanpur, told PTI on Wednesday that three constables have been sent to protect the family.

“Earlier, two constables were sent out.” It happened during the election. One cop was taken out. Security has been stepped up: “We now have three constables there,” he said.

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Police officers have been told to keep a close eye on people who come to the victim’s house and write down their names. This is what the officer said.

On March 21, a person who is thought to be a follower of Asaram left a threat letter at the house of the abused person. At that time, there was only one police officer on duty. The victim’s father said that he was not there.

“Disgusting language was used in the letter, and the person has also put his address on it,” the father said.

He wrote a letter to the SSP of Shahjahanpur last week about the threat.

Because Asaram raped her in 2013, the victim told police. On April 28, 2018, a judge gave him life in prison. He is now in a Rajasthan prison.


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