Assam and Nagaland agree to withdraw forces from inter-state border

Assam and Nagaland agree to withdraw forces from inter-state border.

The news takes on significance as it came amid simmering tensions between Assam and neighboring Mizoram, which led to violence earlier this week, leaving six people dead.

Assam and Nagaland agreed to withdraw forces from the interstate border. Twitter @himantaBiswaSarma

Assam and Nagaland have agreed to withdraw their respective police posts from their long-disputed border in an attempt to ease any possible tension between the two forces.

Nagaland Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio and his Assamian counterpart Himanta Biswa Sarma have agreed to withdraw their police forces and maintain a peaceful atmosphere along the state border, Nagaland Chief Deputy Minister Y Patton said on Friday in a meeting with various organizations in the Tzurangkong area.

Patton said the Nagaland Police will withdraw from their outpost when the Assam Police do.

Meanwhile, Assam’s prime minister called the deal a “historic step” and said the state was committed to ensuring peace on all its borders.

The news looms large as it came amid border tensions between Assam and neighboring Mizoram, which led to violence earlier this week, leaving six people dead.

Sarma, along with some Assam officials, also faces an FIR filed by the Mizoram Police that has charged them with attempted murder and criminal conspiracy, among other things.

Assam DGP released photos from the meeting with its Nagaland police counterpart, stating that the agreement represented brotherhood in the northeastern states.

Nagaland had previously protested after Assam police allegedly tried to set up camp near Vikuto village under the Tzurangkong mountain range in Nagaland’s Mokokchung district on June 29. The area is covered near Mariani in the Jorhat district of Assam.

Nagaland’s Chief Deputy Minister Patton, who also occupies the state’s department of the interior, conducted an aerial reconnaissance of the border during the day.

In past agreements between the two northeastern states, the police forces of Assam and Nagaland had agreed to withdraw from the border areas, but Assam did not do so and, in fact, increased its strength while Nagaland withdrew its forces, he claimed. Patton.

“We will not make the mistake again,” he said at the meeting held in Chungtiayimsen in Mokokchung district.

The patience of the Nagaland government or the Naga people should not be tested, said the senior deputy minister.

Patton did not mention when Sarma and Rio decided to withdraw the forces from the border, but the two had met twice in Guwahati and Shillong last week.

“It is an honor to have received special visitors at my residence, Nagaland CM Sri @Neiphiu_Rio & Dy CM Sri @YanthungoPatton. Thank you for taking the time to discuss a number of development projects from the two states,” Sarma tweeted on July 23. .

Rio has not made any statement on the matter so far.

Patton has also urged the people of Nagaland not to take justice into their own hands, but to reach out to state government and work together to solve the problem.

The vice-minister assured that the border issue is being addressed at the highest level for a peaceful resolution.

Assam and Nagaland share a 512.1-kilometer long border.

Nagaland Police Director General T John Longkumer, who accompanied the Chief Deputy Minister, thanked the people of the Tzurangkong area for not taking matters into their own hands and making the situation worse.

He said he has spoken with his counterpart in Assam about the issue of the withdrawal of forces throughout the disputed area.

The border dispute between Assam and Nagaland began shortly after Nagaland became a state in 1963. The Nagaland State Law of 1962 had defined the state’s borders according to a 1925 notification when Naga Hills and the Tuensang Area were integrated into a new administrative unit.

Nagaland, however, did not accept the boundary delimitation and demanded that the new state also have all Naga-dominated areas in the Assam, North Cachar and Nagaon districts.



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