Assam businessman questioned over MLA cash recovery

Today, a business person from Guwahati will be questioned about the arrest of three Jharkhand Congress MLAs in Bengal’s Howrah with 48 lakh in cash.

To gather evidence for the case, the West Bengal Police’s Crime Investigation Department served businessman Ashok Dhanuka with a notice under section 41A of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

According to reports, Ashok Dhanuka will be questioned at 10 am at Bhavani Bhavan.

According to sources, Ashok Dhanuka and his son Ghanshyam Dhanuka have many political connections.

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They further said that the Assam Police had been stationed there when the CID team from Guwahati went to serve the notice at Ashok Dhanuka’s residence.

A four-person team from the West Bengal Police’s Crime Investigation Department was in Guwahati last week to investigate the arrests of three Jharkhand Congress MLAs in Howrah, Bengal.

Reports that the Bengal squad was “detained” were rejected by the local police.

The arrests have sparked political responses from several parties and three different states. According to Congress, the money “given to the MLAs to overthrow the Jharkhand administration” is allegedly being orchestrated by the BJP, notably Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma.

The MLAs have also been expelled from the party by Congress.

The BJP has refuted these accusations, while the MLAs claim that the funds were intended to purchase sarees in their districts in honor of the upcoming World Tribal Day.

The police detained the three politicians on July 30 and two of their allies in Bengal, a state governed by the Trinamool Congress that has repeated the “horse-trading” accusations against the BJP.