Audi Ready To Join Formula 1 in 2026

The German car company, Audi’s board chairman Markus Duesmann, announced Friday that they are officially registered as a power-unit manufacturer in F1.

“When you consider Le Mans, the DTM, and Formula E, we have always been really busy and prosperous. In F1, we hope to continue on this success,” Markus Duesmann stated.

Audi has not said if it would manage its squad or provide engines.

It promised to provide further information before the year is through.

The Swiss-based Sauber team, now Alfa Romeo, is anticipated to be acquired by Audi.

The parent company of Alfa Romeo, Stellantis, also said that it will sever its affiliation with Sauber after the 2023 season in response to the news made by Audi.

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Duesmann noted that the new regulations, which include a more significant electrical component in engines and sustainable fuels, were the reason for Audi’s choice.

“This is a tremendous milestone for our sport that underlines the enormous power we have as a global platform that continues to expand,” F1 president Stefano Domenicali said.

It is a significant acknowledgment that switching to sustainably fueled hybrid engines in 2026 would benefit the car industry in the long run.

We eagerly anticipate seeing the Audi badge on the grid and will learn more about their intentions in due time.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, head of the FIA, was “a milestone.”

Duesmann said that the enhanced power output from the hybrid component of the engine was consistent with Audi’s intention to transition to a completely electric vehicle manufacturer.

He noted that F1’s aim to become carbon neutral by 2030 was also important and that the budget limit implemented in 2021 “makes it extremely appealing.”

F1 will continue to employ 1.6-liter turbo hybrid engines in 2026, although they will differ significantly from those used since 2014.

The complex MGU-H, which recovers energy from the turbo, will be abandoned. Instead, sustainable, synthetic fuels will be employed, with the hybrid component providing more than 50% of the total power. This only releases the carbon removed from the atmosphere to create them.

Porsche, another VW brand, is anticipated to join Red Bull as an engine partner in Formula One in 2026.

Although Duesmann would not confirm it, he did state that if Porsche participated, its business would be in the UK and Audi’s would be in Germany.