Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Australia COVID-19-related infections reach 1 million people as Omicron is responsible for record growth

Australia COVID-19-related infections reach 1 million people as Omicron is responsible for record growth.

Sydney: Australia exceeded 1 million COVID-19 cases. Over half of the cases were reported in the last week. 

At the same time, the Omicron variant struck the majority of the nation, driving up hospitalization rates and putting an immense strain upon supply chains.

In the past, Australia has successfully kept a check on the number of cases it has contracted by imposing lockdowns and strict border control before the outbreak. 

Australia is now suffering massive infections as the nation is beginning to experience the virus following higher vaccination doses.

Australia’s strict border laws remain in the spotlight following the authorities revoked Novak Djokovic’s visa over concerns regarding his exemption from vaccination. 

The courts will decide the battle for his right to remain in Australia on Monday.

Djokovic, the world’s most popular player, has argued that his recent COVID-19-related infection allowed him to receive the medical exemption to the requirement of every visitor to get a second vaccination.

On Monday, New South Wales and Victoria reported 55,000 new cases in their respective states. The total COVID-19-related infections in Australia had reached 1.03 million since the first instance was discovered about two years ago. 

The other states and territories are expected to release their figures later on in the day.

There have been 2,387 deaths that have been recorded to date, but the rate of death during the Omicron wave is lower than in previous outbreaks. 

The rate is 92% of the people who are over 16 double dosed, and the booster program is picking up the pace.

The rise in hospitalization rates caused officials to reintroduce some restrictions in the states. 

In contrast, staff shortages caused by restrictions on isolation or the absence of people sick have impacted businesses.

Authorities have cut the mandatory isolation time for close contacts. They also have narrowed their definitions of “close contacts”. 

However, They are still re-examining guidelines for furloughing employees that have widened the supply chain gaps.

Starting Monday, Pfizer’s COVID vaccinations are scheduled to be given at no cost to 2.3 million children between five and 11 years old. 

The announcement comes due to reports of a shortage of vaccines that authorities have ruled out.

“There is enough vaccine, and there are enough points of distribution. It is just about a little bit of patience,” Lieutenant General John Frewen, head of the taskforce for vaccination, has told that to the Australian Broadcasting Corp on Monday.



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